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SW1X dacs
How does SW1X DAC compare with Lampizator? 
Any one here heard the Bmi Oceanic Statement?
How does the BMI Oceanic Statement power cord compare with some of today's popular power cords such as Synergistic Research Galileo SX, Audience Au24 SX or Front Row, AudioQuest Dragon, or Masterbuilt Signature or Ultra? 
Lampizator Big7 as a preamp
@donpen21, what tubes were used on the Big 7?  I also prefer using my Big 7 as the preamp.  The tubes do make a difference. 
Speaker Cable Recommendations
+1 for TWL (Triode Wire Labs).  Excellent SC's under $1k. 
Thinking of a used Hegel H160 integrated – thoughts and/or alternatives?
Hegel H160 is good, and a used one under $2k is a no brainer.  But Luxman is better.  It all depends on your budget, but you can't go wrong with either. 
How may a simple "Power Cable" change, improve an audio system?
Yes, all the power cords and cables make a difference in a system.  I've experienced this, so I know that for a fact.  I may not be able to explain why, but I know what I've heard.  This is the reason why audiophiles upgrade cables to improve the ... 
Luxman 590axii vs Pass Labs int 60
I had the Luxman 590AXII before.  Outstanding built quality and excellent musicality.  Can't go wrong with Luxman. 
Beginner choosing amp help
I would suggest Aurender N100H as the digital source for streaming Tidal with the Luxman.  But the Luxman does not have an internal DAC, so you would have to get an external DAC.  If you want an integrated amp with internal DAC, then I would sugge... 
Beginner choosing amp help
+1 on the Luxman 
Gryphon vs Luxman vs Accuphase
stargazer3, Yes, I was referring to the sound quality.  Even though I've owned the Hegel H160 and H360, I did not use their internal DAC because I have a better DAC.  So, the most important thing to me is the sound quality, not the features.  I've... 
Gryphon vs Luxman vs Accuphase
I totally agree that the cables are very important to the system setup.  So is the system synergy.  In my system, I am getting effortless sound from my 590AXII and the rest of the setup.  I have a pair of Von Schweikert Endeavor E-3 Mk2 speakers. 
Gryphon vs Luxman vs Accuphase
I have not heard the 509.  I believe @greginnh has heard both the 509 and the 590, so he would know.  Since 509 is newer, it should theoretically be better than the 590, but again, 590 has the class A magic.   
Gryphon vs Luxman vs Accuphase
Yes, I love my class A Luxman L-590AXII.  Before Luxman, I was using the Hegel H360 and was thinking about upgrading to the Gryphon Diablo 300.  I've heard the Diablo at the audio show and loved the sound.  But thanks to @greginnh for recommending... 
Audience SX2/Front Row Cables...has anyone tried or heard much of this new reference line?
May be it's like going to a symphony orchestra concert.  If you sit in the 'Front Row', you get to hear each instrument closely and in greater details, but if you sit further back, you get to hear the music more as a whole.  I've been in both situ... 
Solid Silver Power Cord
Just curious, if the Crystal Clear Audio Magnum Opus power cord is that good, then why aren't more people use it or talk about it?