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Are there any good cartridges for under 100
The Audia Technica 440ML is an excellent cartridge and can be purchased mail order for $99 from several sources (J&R and the Needle Doctor to name a few). 
Any one ever tried building a turntable or tone arm?
Go to google.com and type TERES and the site will come up. Origin Live is at www.originlive.com. I can't remember the site for the "Euro kit" but it is very expensive. The origin live has a cheaper entry cost but the Teres looks like one awesome m... 
Is the Cassette Recorder Dead?
The walkman keeps it alive as the portable CD players don't work strapped to a belt. I have better luck with cassettes on airplanes as the batteries last longer. I enjoy cassette players but finding a good one for a decent price is a chore. I am s... 
What is the cause of my sibilance problem?
Check to see if the problem persists w/o DAC. If it does not then you have jitter. See Sonic Frontiers for a solution. 
Moving coil cartridge (AT OC-9) and Hum
I have solved the "hum" problem and I do feel stupid. But hopefully others will not have to repeat my angst. I did switch out turntables and it was when switching back that the source of the hum became evident. The "Revolver" has a 3 prong AC plug... 
I need help with hum
I concurr with the above posts.Going from 3 prong to 2 prong reduced hum from my turntable/MC/pre-preamp. Connecting cable TV via VCR caused terrible hum that disappeared when the cable was disconnected. I have heard of units that can block the ca... 
TT opinions please
I like the OriginLive modified RB250 arm. Now if I can only find an affordable MC cartridge that doesm't hum! 
Moving coil cartridge (AT OC-9) and Hum
I tried turning the motor off while the pre-amp was set to phono. The hum did not go away nor did it even change. The hum appears to becoming from the cartridge. The saga continues. 
Moving coil cartridge (AT OC-9) and Hum
The revolver, I believe does have a similiar AC synchronous motor but the belt drives the perimeter of the platter rather than a sub platter. So would a DC servo motor be less usceptible to hum with MC? Is there any experience with this? It's an i... 
anyone has experience with pre-preamp?
I use a Marshall Leach designed pre-preamp (battery powered) with Supex cartridge and it works very well. The schematics are available on the Web.) I also have a Dayton-Wright with remote power supply that hums like hell with an AT OC-9 cartridge.... 
Moving coil cartridge (AT OC-9) and Hum
Thanks for the input, I have grounded everything, but the hum continues. 
DIY Subwoofer
I got excellent bass using the NHT 12" driver ($149)and madisound's 91 liter enclosure which I lined with a another 3/4" layer of MDF to make the walls 1.5 inches thick. Stuffed with fibreglass, it gives deep powerful bass. You need a solid 250 wp... 
Pre-Pre-Amp Building Leach design or Op-
Thank-you for the input. 
What s wrong with this picture?
The other side of this issue is to say 'OK, it is too much, I will build it myself.' As an ardent DIYer, the answer comes back, yes, I did save money, yes, the unit is competitive with the very best and my god it sure took a lot of blood, sweat, t... 
Passive bi-amping works ?
I used passive bi-amping and it was a slight improvement. I would suggest you go that route with the idea of eventually going to an active cross-over which will be a HUGE improvement. At least that was my experience. Active cross-overs are relativ...