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What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?
A pre-owned speaker, priced at or (preferably) below fair market value, so if it doesn’t work out, you sell it at little to no loss. That’s my philosophy.  
Source For Styrofoam Packing Inserts
I’ve got the opposite problem; some scumbag broke into my storage unit and cut open all of my boxes from the side with a utility knife. Inserts are fine but the boxes are trash now.  
A ridiculously cheap cable riser.
@bdp24 I’m betting that the user name @1971gto455ho refers to a ‘71 goat with a high output big block v8 with a displacement of 455 cubic inches.  
@chrshanl37  ROFL 🤣🤣🤣   I know, right?!  
Lumin U2 mini vs Mac laptop sound test
That’s weird… when I upgraded  my streaming from a laptop feeding my dac via USB to an Auralic Aries feeding the same dac via USB, the improvement was immediately audible. Lower noise floor, better separation of instruments, more apparent detail. ... 
What to try?
@laecp123  re VSi60 controls: ”Push buttons: Volume up, volume down. (103 steps, 20 LED indicators), Input, Mono, Mute, Power. All functions on IR remote control” The owners manual is available at the ARCDB link I included in my previous post, ... 
ARC D400 vs D400 MkII
@hiendmmoe Yes thanks, I am aware of this. The oem 67000uF main filter caps are no longer available. Same story with the D240 MkII. The D200 & D300 are still serviceable, i believe, but I’ve read that they use a different (sonically inferior... 
What to try?
There’s an Audio Research VSi60 on USAM for $1995. You’d need to pick an external phono stage, but you could do that and probably still come in under budget. My gear is ARC; haven’t heard that model myself, but Stereophile reviewed it and maybe s... 
ARC D400 vs D400 MkII
Yup… Chirping crickets was about what I expected. Was worth a shot, though.  
The problem with PLC
You know what, @kenjit ? I will give you this: your posts are, if nothing else, consistently on-brand. Even as a casual reader on this site, within the first two sentences of your post I knew exactly who the author was. Don’t ever change, pal.  
Used vs. new
@geosims1 The Stereophile review of the 804 d4 states that although the nominal impedance is 8ohm, the minimum impedance is 3ohm, so you’d you’d probably want to drive them with an amp that is 4ohm rated with a fair bit of current on tap, i.e. co... 
Used vs. new
I bought my first pair of speakers for my current system new. I ended up buying another pair of speakers used, which were a much better fit for my system. Now, I’ll be lucky to get 60% of retail selling the first pair, even though they’re less tha... 
Zavfino Majestic USB Cable
What a sh*t show 🍿  
Downward firing speaker port and domestic issues
Your dilemma reminds me of an apartment I rented in an 8-plex about 15 years ago. The landlord was cool, but he was pretty intent on filling the place with these bohemian hipster types. Guy downstairs was a drummer. Twice a week he had band practi... 
Counterfeit Chinese Cables