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Amps: Bryston vs Electrocompaniet
I own the 4B-ST and have heard Electrocompaniet gear but can't remember if it was the AW-120. The Bryston is a great product especially at its pricepoint. The Electro.. is also nice and has a warmer sound IMHO. There is a large dollar difference b... 
Amplifier suggestions
If you want bass slam & great control audition a pair. 
Best Pre-Amp for Classe CAP-150?
While I cannot answer your question directly not having personally owned Classe prodcuts I am familiar with them as they are a great product at their price points here in Canada. IMHO I have found the classe amps to be "warmish" in nature vs say B... 
What have YOU got?
Amp - Bryston 4B-ST Pre - Bryston BP25 Source - NAD C540 cdp Speakers - Maggies 1.5QR Cables - MIT interconnects & Analysis-Plus 12 biwire speaker cable on the way 
DIY Bi-wire; Audioquest Midnights
You can DIY if you remove the speaker end termination. I think the Midnoght has 16 solid conductors(at least the really old version did). It will depend on the color of the conductor covers. If there are only 2 colors - say red/black then take 4 r... 
Preamp recommendation for Bryston 3BST
As for SS - a Bryston BP20 (non-remote & within your budget) would be a great match. Extremely low noise floor and they work well with other Bryston amps. I have the BP25 matched with a 4B-ST and it works well. Matching a Bryston pre with your...