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Opinions on Parasound A21 & A21+
Just received my new A21+ and P6 preamp....Hands down best sounding equipment for the money and even outperforms systems at twice price point.Have had other high end amps... Krell FPB series, Pass X series, Levinson 333, Parasound JC-1’s.... and A... 
krell audio+video standard pre/pro?
I never was able to hear the av standard....but i have been using a showcase for many years strictly as a two channel preamp and i couldnt be happier. 
B&W N802: Which amp??
I support the Krell idea. I owned n802's and feel they didn't shine till I got a FPB300c that later I had upgraded to a 400c...even then I feel they would have benefited from more power. Would have loved to hear them with a FPB600c or FPB650m's...... 
Am I going to blow my Apogees with all this power?
Yes....you will blow the SHIT out of them!.....just kidding.....think I had a few too many drinks on this beautiful New Years Eve!hahahaha! You will be prfectly fine..you can never over power, under powering is the issue! Happy Holidays to all of ... 
Martin Logan prodigy
Well, to help you out. I sold my 1yr old Prodigy's seven yrs ago for 5,500(I was the original owner)..they were black oak and in "like new" condition(I wasn't desperate either, that's what they were going for on the used market). Personally I thin... 
Anyone heard the Krell KCT Preamp?
..AMEN scoutdog..Amen............you preach the truth..and I can't agree more. 
Krell vs Parasound
Vitro...read your post..was waiting for your thoughts on the Krell..figured you would say that...enjoy the Krell..Parasound makes some really nice gear...but it can't compare to the Krell. I've owned the JC1's..HCA3500...and many Krell amps from t... 
What speakers have best bass for hip hop, and rock
You need to look/listen to Legacy Focus 20/20.... 
Parasound A21
No...I don't think you'll fully benefit...but...the JC2 is a bad ass piece and there will be improvements. Not even the JC1's are fully balanced...but I have many hours listening to the JC1's with the JC2...you would not be disappointed! 
Parasound A21
The A21 and P3 are not truely balanced...therefore you will not benefit from running balanced...that's why single ended sounds better in your system...the JC2 IS truely balanced but you would need to have a truely balanced source and amp to gain a... 
Will mother move your speakers at Thanksgiving?
Grimace...thanks for the laughs...I don't know what would be worse...a drink on top of a speaker or kids unhooking a speaker cable and playing jump rope??!! Yea, I thought things like that only happened in moveies? not with my family...almost 30 n... 
Replacing woofers on B&Ws
I replaced the woofers on my 802n's. Very simple...allen wrench for the outter retaining ring and phillips screwdriver for the woofers themselves. I can't believe such an expensive speakers has solderless connectors...WHAT THE....? Goodluck! 
Weaknesses of the Adcom GFA-5802 ?
Hi have to agree with Chris74...many moons ago I had an Acurus A200...thought I was upgrading to the Adcom 5802...boy, was I wrong. The Acurus outperformed it in every way and it was half the cost. Goodluck! 
Preamp with Theater By-Pass
PS Audio PCA-2...best preamp I have heard for the money...fully balanced...a whole bunch of features...Goodluck. 
Legacy audio Signature lll speakers.
AMEN!!! Oregonpapa!!!