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Whole Home Streaming
Interesting endorsements for Sonos.I installed AE in my house last weekend and was very disappointed with the results sonically. Took the units back for an exchange. 
Whole Home Streaming
Good question about AE. I think that more than 1 unit can be used. 
Sound quality of shared iTunes library wireless
I didn't quite follow that list part. Why would Apple TV at 48 kHZ be inferior to Airport Express at what seems to be a slightly lower rate? 
cd-r music for blanks
Some one mentioned the Mobile Fidelity Gold discs. These wouldn't work for me, either in a Sony CD burner or multiple computers. 
Got the Speakers, Now what?
TV? Digital Sources? What are you looking for, besides a new wife? 
Why is streaming sounding better than my DAC??
did you try a different dac? maybe the Ayre is malfunctioning 
Help me set up new stereo system
Your plan sounds excellent. Does your DAC hanle DSD? If not you can still get great sound without the DSD I actually use I tunes with a Mac Air which has a thunderbolt output. I have a FireWire DAC, and use a thunderbolt to FW adapter. Redbook CD... 
Help me set up new stereo system
You may want to check for ways not to use USB, which in general is of lesser quality than other digital transfer mediums. Some Mac Minis have offered Optical outputs in the past but I'm not sure about the current offerings. I hate to sound like an... 
Help me set up new stereo system
What do you currently store your I tunes library on? Is it cloud based or on a hard drive? What kind of digital inputs does the DAC have? USB only or are there coax and/or Optical inputs? If your current iTunes is in mp3 or lower resolution, I wou... 
Is computer audio a bust?
An interesting thread. I didn't realize that there were a large number of people who had sampled C.A., found it wanting, and went back to CDPs. If one reads audiophile mags, particularly the British ones, you would never get that impression. I su... 
Cheapest good sounding dvd player?
Try NAD 
Advise on 7.1 Channel Surround System & Speaker
I don't suppose that the Bose Wave would fit your needs... 
DAC woes - what to do
I listen primarily to Classical Music, and I have The same amp and pre that you have. My speakers are B&W 803D but I have the Paradigms in my HT system so my perspective may be helpful. Purely as a DAC, the Oppo 105 is very impressive. I have ... 
Need advice for HT LCR and HT Processor Upgrade
I'd put the money in the speakers. Your power amp is probably ok. I am assuming that you are using the Pioneer as a pre only. You could just get a universal player like an Oppo and dispense with the whole preamp concept, but I'd upgrade thye speak... 
ANyone heard the New Parasound Halo P5?
This has gotten extensive reviews in Stereophile (Art Dudley) and one of the British Hi Fi mags as well. I suggest you check those reviews out.