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Best Subwoofer avaible?
Check out the Talon Thunderbird. 
Theta Casablance ll Vs CBlll
Mike, I am using the analog direct mode because I am using an EMM Labs Dac 6 as an external dac. 
Anyone listened to a Wavac?
I heard the Wavac monoblocks and pre driving Talon Firebirds at CES and to my ears they had one of the best soounds at the show. 
Meitner Dac 6 vs. Theta CCll Extreme Dacs
Mike, I am using the Meitner modified Phillips transport. I believe you a probably right in that the Theta is either dumming -down the signal or the Theta really is that good. I am using a XLR Shunyata Aries from the dac into the Theta, but my The... 
Best front loading transport tha plays RB and SACD
I believe that Theta is comming out with one next month for about 4K. 
Best compilation CD you have made.
Husk, Please email me , I would like to trade you one of mine for yours. 
CES 2003 - Any Audition/Picture Requests?
Try to get a picture of the new Spectral CDP at the Golden Nuget Hotel. It is suppose to be the best CDP on the planet for about 10K. 
What of your gross annual income is your system?
About 20%. In decending order (most expensive first( Room construction, Front proj. speakers, amps, video proc. pre-amp, cdp, cables and tweaks 
Which sub would you choose?
Thanks for the feedback. I would love to here from someone who has actually heard the Mimos. I think I will take my time and look at everything I can at the CES show in Jan. Rivecitylad 
Which sub would you choose?
Thanks for the insight in sub selection. I think I will rule out getting a single sub and focus on which pair to buy. I think my choice will be between the REL Stenor , the Aerial SW12 and the Audio Physic Mimos. Anybody have and feedback on these... 
Collective letter s to Stereophile
Check out Audioperfectionist.com and you will find out why this happen. 
Where can I get XLR to RCA adapters?
Try Radar electric in Spokane , Wa 
Who is going to the CES show?
I believe the people who were displaying at the Rio have moved to the Tuscany. I know Talon and Power Snakes will be set up there. 
Who R U?
I am a 59 year old semi-retired restaurant developer from beautiful Spokane, Wa. I have been married for 15 years and have three kids that are 10 12 and 14. I have only been involved in this hobby for one year, but I can see how addictive it is. I... 
Where R U?????
Spokane, Wa