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Are You a Swifty?
Here's a tip if you haven't seen it yet - watch her NPR "Little Room" concert. Very genuine and impressive 3/4 song concert by herself  
Basic Roon Question
Thanks for all of the input. Linnvolk makes the case that's behind my preference for Roon. I've tried the Cambridge, Lumin and Lindemann apps and they were "serviceable." I haven't tried the Bluesound, Auralic or Aurender apps which might be bette... 
Basic Roon Question
Thanks Bob it's good to hear from someone with direct experience. Thanks for sharing.  I'll take a look at Plex thanks mapman  
Basic Roon Question
Thanks for confirming Carlsbad -- guess there's no free lunch  
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Willy Deville, Victory Mixture. Great New Orleans music and sound quality. He picked out classic/obscure older singles and recorded with a stellar New Orleans musicians live in studio.  
Most beautiful turntable under $5k
Simon Yorke, I miss mine : ))  Now have a PTP Audio Solid9. Sonically it’s more to my liking and has its own beauty  
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
ZZ Top, Felt Forum NYC.  Derringer opened and put on one whale of a show.  ZZ Top follows, actually said something like "we're in New York City!  We're going to play all night long!!"  Then proceeded to play a whopping 37 minutes with no encore.+1... 
Single driver speakers. Are they worth considering ?
I have an 8 watt 300B system (Wavelength Duetto), and single driver Stein Music SP 1.1 speakers.  I have very much enjoyed the Steins for going on five years (a record for me).  I cycled through many traditional speakers prior to them, and even du... 
Beginner: Best all-in-one including speaker unit?
Awesome options thanks nonoise and marklings!!  I now have some solid direction and options to choose from.  Much appreciated to all.  That iFi unit is pretty unique and the Bloomberg review of it included three or four others similar in price wor... 
Beginner: Best all-in-one including speaker unit?
Thank you both for the practical advice! It’s much appreciated! 
Beginner: Best all-in-one including speaker unit?
That looks like it would sound pretty good.  Don't have the space or an open-minded wife for that one though.  Tough to justify the price I would think but I'd like to hear it for sure.  Thanks for the suggestion 
How to measure step up transformer ratios
I did find some measurements of other SUT's on the Vinyl Engine's "Marriage of Step Ups and Cartridges" article.  There were two listed with four settings and both topped out at 470 ohms . . . I would think that's likely my unit's highest ratio as... 
How to measure step up transformer ratios
Thanks Eric but all of that is out of my league for sure.  I grade pretty high on analog setup skills but when it comes to technical stuff like you've described it would take me a week to understand and execute haha 
Your choice - TT, Arm, Stage, Cartridge - $5000 budget
Definitely consider buying used to maximize your investment.  Only caveat is that without the benefit of a dealer, you need some experience in selection and setup.  A quick gander and I noticed nice Avid Sequel and Immedia turntables listed on Ago... 
Fidelity Research FR-64 vs. FR-54
I'm a big fan of the FR64S :-))