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What are the best small not bookshelf speakers?
LOL! I was just reading through the responses and they had me laughing. I actually have my dedicated listening room with my Dynaudio 1.3SE's, 2 Velodyne DD10's and a host of outboard gear and amps. So renegotiation isnt going to happen. I wouldnt ... 
Best bookshelf monitor under $1000 new or used.
KING OF THE MONITORS: DYNAUDIO!They really are impressive. Check out the 140's or the 52SE's. HUGE bang for the buck. Very neutral, detailed and fun in every sense of the word. I have looked into NHT, Quad 12L, Monitor Audio GR10, but nothing move... 
Dynaudio Contour S 1.4 vs Special 25?
The problem with the Special 25's is that you need great outboard to support them. If you have mid level outboard it is very hard to make them shine. I was using an Arcam FMJ32 with P1 monoblocks. I really was never wowed by the 25's, but then aga... 
Speakers you regret selling
Dynaudio 1.3SE. Bought them, sold them to upgrade, re-bought them, sold them thinking I could do better... bought them again. These little suckers amaze me everytime I listen to them. Massive sound for such a small cabinet. I have not found a moni... 
Proac sc1 speakers with ARCAM AVR350?
I have not heard it with the Proac, but I will say it is an impressive reciever. Its two channel audio is not just good; it is FANTASTIC! I love Sim Audio as well, and though Sim wins on midrange, it also can be a bit analytical. Arcam provides em... 
Any comments on the PS Audio DL111 with Stage IV mods?
Its funny that you mentioned the mids and top end issue. Though I TOTALLY agree that the low end is improved drastically, I as well feel like the imaging and scale is jumbled. The instruments almost feel like they are on top of each other at times... 
Looking for new universal player/Arcam DV137?
Agreed about the PS Audio DL III. I owned the benchmark for the past few years and loved it before I let it go thinking it was going to be a wise choice. I decided to give the PS audio a shot, and man o man... what a piece. Not saying the Benchmar... 
Looking for new universal player/Arcam DV137?
Arcam is a fantastic choice. It is a monster player as well as a movie source. You really cant go wrong with Arcam when it comes to DVD or CD. 
Usher 718BE or Dynaudio S1.4
I am really shocked about the wide range of opinions. To say I feel confused is an understatement. Would the brightness show with the FMJ that I am using? 
Integrated amplifier below 1.5K for Sonus Faber?
You might want to add a used Arcam fmj A32 to the list. I find it an amazing value for the money. Plus you get so much more than most standard integrateds. 
Anyone using NHT Classic 4 for Home Theater
I couldnt believe it either. I was shocked. I can get down to around 35hz with the Dyns. I know the Classic 4's were aorund 27hz... but ya know... I did not really feel it. Eh, maybe it was just me. But I like the bottom end a TON more from the Dyns. 
Anyone using NHT Classic 4 for Home Theater
I bought a pair a few months ago. Nice speaker for the price. I ended up with a pair of Dynaudio 1.3SE's instead. I get the same bottom end with these amazing little bookshelves. I found them to be a bit cold overall. They were impressive at the p... 
Q. on shootout between time/phase coherent speaker
Check out Earthworks Sigma 6.2's... unreal... or should I say REAL! 
Watt Puppy 7 with Pass X250.5?
I actually have to agree with Audiooracle. I think you can do quite a bit better and save some cash looking elsewhere. I have a ton of experience with the Watt Puppy 7, and with the right setup, they sound great. But for the money.... ugh. 
Small bookshelfs that reach 42 hz
I have to second the Dynaudio 1.3SE's. I have heard soooo many speakers that claim 40hz or lower and they seem to disapoint. I bought a pair of 1.3SE's and then sold them going on a search for a new monitor or floorstander. Two years later, I rebo...