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@pennpencil exactly what I do.  I thought there was virtually no new music I liked, then started listening to Poolside on pandora.  Then satin jackets, on and on.  The algorithm finds and then I go add on qobuz.  
Tracks that bring out the best of YOUR digital system
Some good ones here, keep em coming!! Personally I have to like the song for it to get play, hence “toe tapping” is my measuring stick. As for classical, I dig it but seldom want to sit down & listen.  Accuracy of components is not even some... 
Tracks that bring out the best of YOUR digital system
The sound engineers on unplugged recordings really got them all just right. Neil young’s is great & deserves mention too!  
Handling Heavy Amps
I’m not as experienced with amps as most on here, and I’m still lifting heavy shite, but… I’m running a Rogue dragoN class D now and the sound is excellent with what I have feeding it.  I used to run a B&K (A/B?)which still sounds excellent. ... 
The time has come and I request advice...
I’m running a lightly used HiFi rose 250a into a Venus 2 12th.  I’ve played fairly extensively with Aurenders, & while conductor is good, I find HiFi rose app to be equal or better.  IMO these 2 for less than $5k to me is big value & I wan... 
Streamers made in America?
@peter_s  How I wish a Corvette satisfied all senses like my 355GTS or 991 GTS.    
DAC suggestions for a reasonably modest system
I’m at 72 hours on my Denafrips venus2 & seriously digging it for the $!  
Aurender A Series DAC Performance
I’ve recently been DAC shopping/auditioning & started with an A200 home demo.  My decision was to get a barely used HiFi rose 250A & a brand new Denafrips Venus2.  I offer you the following as to what I listened to in my search & why I... 
Comparing streamer/DACs between $5-10k
First, A big thank you to everyone for chiming in  on this purchase decision.  I now have a great combo of streamer (HiFi Rose 250A) + DAC (Denafrips venus2, 12th anniversary.).  Total cost to me was $4780.  I started with a strong consideration f... 
Comparing streamer/DACs between $5-10k
I’ve been enjoying the Rose 250A for a few days now.  The rose app is really fantastic-maybe better than Aurender, & the sonics are about the same as the A200 that I home auditioned a couple weeks ago.  Now I am eagerly anticipating connecting... 
Help me pick some new or used speaker cables
My preamp is a MW LS100 with Sophia 6SN7s and a NOS Mullard 5AR4 rectifier. They’re prob still burning in at 100 hrs or so, but these are pretty premium. I’m not really complaining about the sibilants or harsh transients because that’s not really ... 
Comparing streamer/DACs between $5-10k
I’ve looked into most of your suggestions and have the following incoming: HiFi Rose 250A(preowned) for streaming connected via Cardas high speed clear USB to a Denafrips venus2 12th(new). Fingers crossed.  I tried to pick units that were highly... 
Breaking (burning) in new DAC
Done!  Now just waiting on Chinese new yr to be over so they’ll send the Venus2   
Breaking (burning) in new DAC
@jimmy2615  i was wondering if the signal needs to be processed all of the way through to get it done properly.  I appreciate your response if indeed I can leave amp & preamp powered down and still achieve burn-in  
Help me pick some new or used speaker cables
@wolf_garcia  any stories to tell from that 1969 show?  A yr before I was born, but Zeppelin will always be my favorite band