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My end game speaks.
I find Focal to be very hot at the top end and quite fatiguing. The Magicos I've heard sounded well-balanced from top to bottom. Ultimately, I wound up with Joseph Audio Pulsars. However, if I had to choose between the two speakers at which you're... 
Is R.E.M. underrated by new music nerds?
For me, Chronic Town, Murmur and Reckoning are outstanding musical gems. The rest of their stuff doesn’t move me much, but those first three (an EP and 2 albums) are just incredible.  
AE SP12 or Zavfino Nova OCC?
@scslite Let us know which one you choose.  
AE SP12 or Zavfino Nova OCC?
FWIW, I've got the SP12's and they are the best speaker cable I've ever used. Lots of air on top, solid midrange, and prodigious bass. A well-rounded, well-balanced speaker cable.   
Grateful Dead Dave's Pick's Volume 48 ......time to put a fork in this !
I love the GD and have a lot of Dick's, Road Trips, Dave's, and individual live/studio albums. At this juncture though, I see no point in buying yet another version of "Me and My Uncle," "Morning Dew," or even "Dark Star." It's really enough, at l... 
Help me pick some new or used speaker cables
Cardas Golden Reference should do the trick.  
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
MoFi SACD of "On Every Street" by Dire Straits. Sounds absolutely amazing.  
A Few Nice Words For Upscale Audio
I’ve been dealing with Kevin and Upscale for decades. They are both stand-up and honest, so it doesn’t surprise me that they went the extra mile to ensure that your issue was rectified promptly.  
Help With New Preamp Decision
You may want to check out a used BAT preamp. They're built like a tank and sound great.  
Duplicate Serial Numbers
Same serial number R/L.  
Duplicate Serial Numbers
Actually, they’re pretty high end. But, I won’t disclose the name for a variety of reasons. I have several pair of speakers though, and hope this isn't a prevalent issue in the speaker world.  
Duplicate Serial Numbers
Spoke to the manufacturer. Was advised that the speakers look authentic and that it may simply have been an accidental duplication of serial numbers.  
Tuneful Cables by High-End Audio
I second the Audio Envy cables. They blew my Cardas GR out of the water.  
New Improved Fink Team Borg Episode 2 Speakers : End-Game Speakers ?
Look at this way ... it’s a speaker AND a casket. Think of how much money you’ll be saving your relatives in the end, while enjoying them when you’re alive..  
Speaker that are 'KEEPERS" for the long haul!!!
Joseph Audio Pulsars (non-graphene).