Responses from rleff

What's your profession? Age?
I am a Senior Semiconductor engineer and have been in the industry since Oct 1981; Born in 1959.My system is put together with all used equipment from this site.Soundlab m2's,Theta casanova,Sim Moon Orion dvd/cd player;triplite lc1800,transparent ... 
How should you treat your tubes?
If your amp has a standby switch I would use it; if not based on your info I would leave the system on.I would power down when you know you won't be listening until the next day. 
Personal amp evolution
I started with a hafler dh500,forte model 6, vtl 225 mono's;mccormack dna-1 monos and now cary slam 100's I also have a pair of odyssey mono extreme se's still in boxes.