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What's your favorite lyric from a song?
war is not the answerfor only love can conquer hate 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
Imagine all the people living life in peace. 
Some irrefutable truths about rock and roll
Per the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame website:"While no individual can be said to have invented rock and roll, Chuck Berry comes the closest of any single figure to being the one who put all the essential pieces together. It was his particular genius t... 
Some irrefutable truths about rock and roll
Hey, hey, my, my... 
DCC2 with Hard Drive, Subwoofer?
By Lake Merritt in Oakland.I'm running XLRs from the DCC2 to a Revel B15 sub and then XLRs from the sub to my main amp. 
DCC2 with Hard Drive, Subwoofer?
I'm using both the EMM transport as well as Sonos. Actually these days I'm using Sonos 99% of the time. Are you going to OB's on 10/25? If so, I'll fill you in at that time. You're also welcome to come over and listen to my system for yourself. I'... 
DCC2 with Hard Drive, Subwoofer?
I'm doing just that. What is it you'd like to know? 
Rant- Ebay seller and the cost of shipping 1 cd.
Gawdbless, I feel you.There have been many CDs I would have purchased off of eBay, both auctions and buy it now, but for the shipping gouges, er..., "charges".Amazon is where I do most of my purchases. 
Eric Bibb fans?
IMO, "Friends" is not only great music, with great musicians helping out (such as Taj Mahal and Charlie Musselwhite), but it is a reference recording. 
Theater Pass Through wtih EMM DCC2
Well, I finally got around to connecting the analog balanced XLR outs from my surround processor into the analog balance XLR inputs on the DCC2. Before doing so, I ran pink noise through my processor in order to confirm what volume setting on my p... 
EMM Lab DCC2 & CDSD Better connection?
What is the context of your question? In other words, are you asking what is the best way to connect a CDSD to a DCC2? If so, one would get the required three proprietary cables with his/her purchase from EMM Labs. You can visit their website, dow... 
Is the EMM DAC6e or DCC2 /CDSD the best out there?
If there is a "best", which I do not for a moment concede, then there must be an objective way to make that determination. While we may be able to come close in that endeavor, we cannot (or at least to date have not) reach that destination. As suc... 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
Lots of good ones already posted. Picking only ONE is impossible but I'd have to give strong consideration to those from the Doo Wop era, when many of the greatest love songs were recorded, including, without limitation:I Only Have Eyes For You (T... 
Has anyone heard the Ref 3?
Judy426: "Obviously" you like to put your foot in your mouth. The "uninformed" pot is definitely calling the kettle black. Before posting such ignorance, why don't you ask Oneobgyn about his experiences with the other preamps to which you make ref... 
Theater Pass Through wtih EMM DCC2
Well, my dealer confirmed with both Ed Meitner and Greg (I think his last name is Soo) that 99 is the unity gain on the DCC2.I will be connecting mine tomorrow and will post my findings.