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BASIS Superbelt / Regular Belt
Thomas,I purchased a Super Belt (clear/white) with my 2800 about 2.5 years ago. I never compared the Super Belt to the belt that comes standard with the 2800.About a year ago, Basis came out with 2 new belts. One is called the Revolution Belt (bla... 
Pass Labs xa - .5 amps
Anyone compared the XA-30.5 to the Aleph 3? I had an Aleph 3 and an Aleph P many years ago and thought the combination was fantastic. I sold the Aleph 3 because I purched new speakers that required more power. Somtimes I wish I still had the Alpeh... 
Lyra Titan i with a Manley Steelhead....settings??
Larryi,~ how may turns on the VTA dial = .3mm change? I have a Vector Mk3 and a Lyra Titan i on a 2800.ThanksRich 
Upgrading my Basis 2500. Vacuum or no Vacuum?
I have not listened to a 2500. But I do own a 2800 Signature. I can tell you the 2800 Signature sounds fantastic to my ears. The Vector is a great arm also as you already know.The vacuum has worked flawlessly in my system. Never an issue.Put a rec... 
AVALON Indra ??
Elberoth2,Downgrade from what? 
AVALON Indra ??
Have not heard of the Indra. Do you have any information? 
Cardas or Virtual Dynamics power cords? Opinions?
I owned an Ayre K1x and V1. I tried a lot of power cords on both. For my system and my ears, I thought the Elrod EPS 2 on the K1x and the Elrod EPS 3 on the V1 was superb. I am referring to the Elrod Standard cords. NOT the Signature. I tried both... 
Experience with Raul's Essential 3150
WOW. Thanks for the pictures Mab33.Raul,Looks fantastic!!Rich 
Calling all Aesthetix Callisto / Io Owners
Jafox,Why did you install NOS tubes and have your Io modified? Did you try to address a specific problem? 
Wavestream phono
Thanks Kurt and 4yanx.I am in New Jersey. Long trip to CA. :) I dont think Brian has anything he can ship to me for evaluation4yanx,When you say "The AR could certainly show it with a Urishi!", is AR referring to ASR or Audio Research?Rich 
Tranfiguration Orpheus description
Stereophile did do a review of a ZYX cartridge about 2 years ago. Here is a link http://www.stereophile.com/analogsourcereviews/504ZYX/index.htmlI do enjoy Michael Fremer's writing. I find it informative and more importantly...enjoyable..like our ... 
Tranfiguration Orpheus description
Review of the Orpheus in the upcoming issue of Stereophile. Stay tuned. 
ASR Basis Exclusive or Einstein The TT's Choice
Brian,Any thoughts on how the Einstein compares to a tube phono? Does it have the body and solidity of tubes?ThanksRich 
ASR Basis Exclusive or Einstein The TT's Choice
Sabertouch,Glad you are enjoying the Einstein phono stage. It looks like a nice piece of gear. Have you had the opportunity to listen to any of the tube phono stages (Aesthetix, BAT, Manley). Wonder how the Einstein compares to them?Rich 
Any experience with the Audio Research PH7?
Boneman,What other phono stages have you listened to?Rich