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2023 Florida Audio Expo Show Report
I spend a few hours there Friday.  Almost all the stuff is way out of my price range, but it's wonderful to hear the big bucks stuff for reference purposes.  I have a few impressions to share. I loved the MBLs again.  The Raidho/Margules room was... 
Heist/ crime songs
Traveling Wilburys: Tweeter and the Monkey Man FZ: The Illinois Enema Bandit Beatles: She Came in Through the Bathroom Window  
Entre' ET-100 SUT
"you mean", I mean.  
Entre' ET-100 SUT
Thanks, Elliot (I assume),   I saw the FR4, but was hoping to spend less.  A possibility, though.   So just to confirm, by "X factor" you the number times which the cartridge voltage output is multiplied through that setting?   Richard  
Recommendations please!
Hi nymarty,   I got the gold special plus revision, with the advanced bridge rectifiers.  I'm very happy with it and service from Patrick at SMc Audio was great. And thanks all for the responses.  I've emailed bigkids to inquire.  The VTA also ... 
Great classical pianists
Lots of great classical pianists, of course.  But I find it extremely curious that no one (unless I missed it) has mentioned Yuja Wang, who is very easily as splendid or more so than any number of the folks listed even multiple times above.  Is it... 
Acoustic Guitar on Vinyl
Norman Blake, "Whiskey Before Breakfast", on Rounder Records  
How do you know when a stereo sounds good?
When what you hear makes you realize just how brilliant the music and musicianship are -- that the skill and artistry of composers and musical performers sufficiently justifies humanity, despite so much of all the rest.   Of course, the music an... 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Hey jeroboam! Um, isn’t Grimaud’s artistry something one hears? More generally, I’ve always thought that if the experience of music is improved by the visuals, the music itself is lacking. Seems to me paying attention to what you’re seeing is a w... 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Florida Orchestra, a week ago, playing Auerbach's Icarus, Prokofiev second violin concerto (Hadelich) and Pictures at an Exhibition.  Sat in about the 8th row -- closer than I like, but not too too close.  Great to hear live music again.  The Auer... 
Oh great a new hum
mijostyn: I tried your wire from ground lug to arm trick.  No change.jwpstayman: thanks! 
Oh great a new hum
No wallwarts on the scene! 
Oh great a new hum
 Thanks mijostyn.  There's no separate ground for the TT.  The Rega tonearm has no separate ground either.  .  Hum does not change as the arm moves.  I've turned off all other sources and also the power amp, and that makes no difference,  No other... 
CD vs.same CD ripped to HD
Yeah I can find most of my CDs on streaming cites too, But see the recent discussion of compression of the files that get streamed vs. the original CD. 
CD vs.same CD ripped to HD
Oh I have a streamer -- Node 2i -.  I get to skip around all I like and more.  The questions is about whether to rip my CDs so I can play them without having to move a muscle.