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primaluna gear, avalon eidolon speakers, cardas
Avalon speakers are internally wired with cardas wire (at least the old models like ascent, radian), don't know if the still using it? 
which SS power amp for CAT SL1 Renaissance
Albarry M1108 monoamplifiers. 
Soulution vs Boulder vs TAD electronics vs MBL whi
You are pretty restricted with amplifiers with your MBL 101 MKIII, With a efficiency of around 80 dB. You need a amplifier that can deliver much current instead of voltage. 
Electric Bill
Nothing.....I make my own energy with solar panels;-) 
Need your expertise over 2 dac choice....
Wavelenght Crimson? 
Dunlavy SC IV or Merlin VSM M
people who didn't hear a Merlin VSM M don't know what there missing. 
Looking to replace my Platinum Audio Solo's
What amplifier do you use? 
Review: Merlin Music Systems TSM-MMI Monitor
no just use single wire and the jumpers, speaker wire should be connected at the bottom connector. 
WADIA 860 laser problem
It is a TEAC transport, a good technician can replace the laser. Will not be that expensive. 
PS Audio Ultralink DAC vs newer CD player
very nice DAC, very musical (UltraAnalog DAC modules!) 
Rockport Mira not Mira 2 vs. Monitor Audio PL300
magazine reviews will tell always a personal taste of the reviewer.Rockport Mira's will be superior, i think even the first version (i know them). 
Panzerholz for Digital Audio
Panzerholz: high-tech acoustical dampingThe FirewallÂ’s panzerholz is much more than an aesthetically spellbinding enclosure; it was chosen primarily for its phenomenal acoustical damping properties.Panzerholz is made of layers of beechwood, fused ... 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Merlin VSM master! 
Cardas Clear vs Furutech Lineflux
I would recommend to stay with cardas....synergy is very important 
Speaker cables for Merlin Speakers
Cardas cable is used inside, so to use is further is logical.