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LAST record preservative improves the sound
No coatings for my records. Good luck with it. 
Turntable for life
TechDas AF1. Have had it for almost three years and it continues to amaze. I told myself when I bought it, ┬áthis would be my end of life TT. So far it's working. 
Flux Hifi Sonic Stylus Cleaner
Fremer did a quick review and seems to recommend it. I'm interested.http://www.analogplanet.com/content/flux-hi-fi-electronic-stylus-cleaner#oyKMlfgBBumB4pJl.97 
Otari or Technics Reel-to-Reel ?
If your looking to decide between the two and do not intend to use an outboard tape pre with a wired out head.... the Otari will be the superior deck. It is also newer than the venerable Technics 1500. It's stock preamp electronics sound better. 
looking at upgrading my tonearm from a triplanar
Go with a Graham Phantom Elite. It is quite the step up from the Graham Supreme. I have two Supremes and one Elite 10" which is my go to arm. I use a 12" Supreme in the rear slot for mono. The Graham also has interchangeable arm wands so you can h... 
OpenReelRecords : new titles on the market ...
04-15-15: Myles_b_astorThis thread brings Internet ignorance and trolling to a new low.Not surprising for this place Myles...Troll city. The Enrico Dindo tape is amazing both in sound and performance. 
Matching Koetsu Stone Body Platinum Cartridge
Get the Jade and drop the diamond cantilever option. I know a dealer who has tried a coralstone with diamond and found it a bit too sizzily/sibilant on top. I use both a coralstone and Tiger Eye with boron cantilevers. These carts are a great matc... 
Do wooden arms warp
woods can be treated to be pretty much impervious to humidity/temperature issues that result in expansion and contraction of the material. That is not too hard to imagine thanks to chemistry. 
Power Filtering vs Power Regeneration?
I use a P3 for all of my source components. Clean, stable and low distorted power. Pure Power is another option but have had no personal experience with them. 
Cleaning Phono Stylus- white residue
I use liquid very sparingly..maybe once or twice a year. I use a combo of a traditional stylus brush, ME for serious cleaning. I use Onzow every record change(after two sides). If you keep up with regular cleaning, crud will not build up. I use li... 
What's the best way to clean vinyl records?
Hand scrub with favorite cleaner juice, dry with micro-towel and finish in KL Audio Ultrasonic cleaner. You cannot get a record more clean and static free. It is really that simple. 
Not as much activity on analog here
Perhaps the lack of posts has to do with the inevitable digital vs analog debate ? I have gotten to the point that why bother defending the format for the benefit of others when digital leaks into the conversation ? Most people who espouse digital... 
Any Allnic H1201 owners out there?
Allnic makes great stuff. Allnic H5000 DHT user here. 
Not as much activity on analog here
^^^^sorry Tom, I am listening to the correct music. I have no doubt. It all comes alive in my room...Rock, Jazz and Classical. Format matters. Digital is the primary problem. It fails to capture the essence and beauty of analog mastered material. 
Not as much activity on analog here
I believe you are in for a surprise Syntax. You do know that most recording is done digitally now, don't you?you may be right. One problem...the bulk of the music engineered in digital just plain sucks. Music mastered in analog from the 50's-80's....