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Qobuz Hi-Rez Not Necessarily the Best Sound
Have you tried listening to the same tracks with and without Roon? Roon has a 'sound' which knocks the edge off the sound quality due to its processing power requirements in some cases imho.  
what’s a song cover that you think is better than the original?
Ryan Adams' cover of the Oasis song Wonder Wall.  
Small Form-Factor CD Player/Transport
Thanks for that Charles. Do you know for a fact that the Pro-Ject RS2T CD transport's I2S output is incompatible with other manufacturer's DACs?    
Small Form-Factor CD Player/Transport
I think there is a sea change with CD Transports brought about by their I2S data output and DACs that can accept it. If there was a universal I2S format that ensured compatibility between all transports and DACs things would be much easier. I am l... 
Connections of Kimber Hero
I have unterminated Hero - bare cable - and don't know which wires to solder to which pins on the RCA plugs.  
Soundstage and image height, does it exist?
I apologise as I have not had time to read all the responses to your question about image height but this article was published in the Absolute Sound and was part of a series of articles about being able to determine the best digital audio music f... 
Cocktail Audio Firmware Update Issues
Responding to 'Stevenyc' post about how to install the new firmware how do I find the New Music DB Manual please? - thanks  
Review of Quadratic MC-1 SUT With Comparisons to Other SUTs
Can the SUT's wire become magnetised ?   
Review of Quadratic MC-1 SUT With Comparisons to Other SUTs
Is it possible for a SUT to diminish in performance? Although my EAR MC-4 is working in a vastly 'flavoured' different system to your's - solid state vs valves - it sounds soft and lacking in dynamics compared to my other SUTs - Music First Audio ... 
How long do you or should you keep your gear.
Still using and enjoying JR149 loudspeakers from 1978. I have recapped them and recently replaced the scuppered foam grills for the 2nd time. In my main system which is largely Naim and dCS the SBL speakers 135 power amps and 2 x Hicap power suppl... 
If you have a CD Player, you need to do this periodically...
This Ayre promo hasn't just arrived as they bring out their mk2 disc has it?  
Analogue from Digital
Like it or not most analogue vinyl records are made from digital files. I have always tried where possible to buy LPs that came from tape - ie closer to the source. On the whole they just sound better and not in a hifi way just more immediate and ... 
How long do good speakers last?
If this has been mentioned before then ignore. Although we are all supposed to believe that things made now are better because of the new materials and technology available that is not always the case imho. I use on a daily basis speakers made in ... 
Adding a Turntable Mat
To return to your original question. I have a Rega RP1 - their basic model - which also has no VTA. It has a felt mat. I changed that for the Project Cork mat that I normally use on my VPI 16.5 record cleaning machine and the result was very posit... 
Thoughts on moving from a 1200G to Sota Saphire or above
The 1200G table is sound and is a great building block to move upwards with say Timestep upgrades. Weak points of the 1200G are tonearm, bearing and power supply. All can be upgraded here - http://www.soundhifi.com/sl1200/Timestep%20Technics%20EVO...