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What is you TIDAL setup?
I have a couple setups.. home and Car.Home.. Mac Mini via Web interface to DAC to amps.. Simple!Car.. galaxy tab tidal app WIFI to wifi router via Optical to processor to digital amp full digital FLAC 
OPINIONS NEEDED 100 trade-in chance FOCAL
Thanks for all the GREAT responses!!I went ahead with the deal about 2 mos ago, and got an additional %10 off. I do like the Focal sound and the Diablos were just to far out of reach (for now) I have also upgraded the speaker wire from AP crystal ... 
Bit of a dillema Simaudio.. UPGRADE hmmm
thanks for the suggestions on speaker upgrade. My dealer offered a 100% trade in credit towards new speakers. Based partially on what was suggested here I decided to upgrade to the new Focal Aria 946.I really like the sound of these! the amplifica... 
What's your profession? Age?
Hello, I'm Mark and the opposite of most people here. I'm just a delivery driver, and have no business having $25kIn a 2ch stereo system, plus tv/ room acoustics... You'd think a 42 y.o would know better! Heh.. Noone ha$ a clue about my setup.. So... 
Speaker suggestions??
Well I am now demo-ing the D28's and I must say they have lots of unexpected bass! I'm impressed with the sound but 6k worth... hmm more tyime and music variety is needed 
Speaker suggestions??
Great suggestions!I'm glad many of you were able to see through the drunk-ish reading post!! (I made it on a cell phone with "voice to text") SoCal= FocalTrouble= TrebleTrains= rangeI'm not finding how to edit my "creative" post so I'm sorry for t... 
Cables more hype than value?
lets not forget possibly the CHEAPEST improvement in your WHOLE system... and out side in the world..a PROFESSIONAL EAR CLEANING!:) 
Sneaky new internet tax pushing through fast
Must be nice to have so much money that paying more tax is no big deal to you.. so why not impose it on everyone else too!And you think people with much less money should pay more as well those (who can LEAST afford too)Those of you with $$$$$ of ...