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Center placed equipment stands
In 45 years, I’ve generally had something between the speakers, either the equipment (including turntable) and/or a TV. Recently, after reading Get Better Sound, I decided to get everything out of the middle. A formidable task given that my room i... 
Is it even possible to set up a system in 12x12 room?
Or you could go digital and put in a DSP and never look back. It kind of eliminates the analogue part all together. :) 
Is it even possible to set up a system in 12x12 room?
DO NOT replace equipment. Everything you have is fine. Some people think they need different stuff, which is a fallacy and waste of money. Plus you end up with the same problems as before.I'm in an 11' X 12' X 8' room. The listening chair is again... 
US made, integrated tube preamp able to handle KT150 tubes?
Now I own Prima Luna Dialogue Premium HP mono blocks with a PL DP pre-amp. Their integrated is the same technology. EL34, KT88, KT120 and KT150 and actually you can fool around with less popular tubes as well, Kevin will guide you. Great price, GR... 
US made, integrated tube preamp able to handle KT150 tubes?
I owned a Rogue Stereo 100 Integrated for a minute. It sounded terrible. It didn't match my speakers well at all. Dealer wouldn't take it back, Rogue was no help. I used it for a boat anchor, it worked well.Keep Rollin. 
Robert Hunter unfortunately has died
Try American Beauty. Sweet harmony. 
VPI Uni-Pivit Tone Arms
I had the very same problem early in my VPI usage. I think it was a Classic 2. The metal tone arms are very heavy and it is easily possible to bump the spike and round it. The arm will then not maintain alignment. A call to Marc at VPI and $40. I... 
Recommendations for Vintage Speakers
I had a Pioneer SX1250 paired with my JBL L100s. We listened to that until I purchased components and I still have the JBLs on the LR system.The JBL L100 can be had for less than $1000 in good condition. 
Recommendations for a Phono Preamp
If money is less of a concern than sound stage and detail you should look at the BAT VK-P6SE ($6000) or VK-P12SE ($12500). Their stratospheric prices are worth every penny.Rollin 
Recommendation for detailed/analytical bookshelf speaker?
The best bookshelf with the best detail are the ATC SCM-11 V2 ($2200/pair) or SCM-19 V2 ($4000/pair). They demand clean audio or you'll hear very flaw on the record, in the TT and Tonearm , etc. 85 dB sensitivity. Excellent detail, image and sound... 
My expert tips on building a sensible world class audio system.
Your reference system?
I'm out of money, so my current system is my reference. The one in the listening room.SoundSmith Helios cartridge mounted on a VPI Prine Signature with ADS and periphery ring.BAT VK-P6SE Phono PreampPrima Luna Dialogue Premium PrePrima Luna Dialog... 
looking for a tube preamps that doesn't sound like SS
Any Conrad-Johnson pre-amp although they are pricey. The PrimaLuna Dialogue and Dialogue Premium are an excellent value and do sound lovely. I'm sure their EVO series is great as well.Both brands are wires with gain and multiple inputs.Rollin 
Speaker recommendation thread (Organised by tiers of price)
The ATC SCM-19 is only $4000. It is in the wrong tier. 
Real world life expectancy of a high end cartridge?
My SoundSmith Helios is guaranteed for 10 years. Anything goes wrong and he'll rebuild it in about 10-14 days at no charge. He'll even re-tip if it needs a new stylus.Rollin