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Great New Linda Ronstadt Live
I'd sure like to see a Blu-Ray release of this concert, with the newly found  mastering. 
Hendrix 50th Anniversary Electric Ladyland Box Release
More about the cover. According to the liner notes in this new 50th anniversary release, Hendrix wanted the cover to be a photo taken in Central Park with him and children around a sculpture, taken by Linda Eastman (soon McCartney). Reprise ignore... 
With Internet radio, (streaming) do AM\FM tuners serve any purpose in HEA?
I do enjoy my Rotel RT-1084 tuner. Especially for the HD radio. I'm in the Philadelphia suburbs and get the Penn and Temple college stations, like mentioned above. Quite a cross section of music. Sound is mostly excellent, but not always.  
The first song I think of is Tracy Nelson singing "Down So Low". Linda Ronstadt covered the song, but to me it didn’t have the power of the original.Another great female singer is Joan Osbourne. Soul, R&B, blues. She’s great with all of them. ... 
Oppo UD 205
The high prices are called supply and demand. Supply is capped, but there is still a big demand. I don’t think someone is a fool for paying more then the list price, If they have weighed other options and can afford it. The list price was consider... 
insurance and shipping with UPS
The last time I shipped by UPS I was told insurance would only cover damage if they packed the item. If I packed, insurance only reimbursed if the the package was lost. So, contrary to several comments here, packing the item yourself is not a grea...