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How important is the efficiency of a speaker to you?
@danager  What price  level and brands would you say have overcome the obstacles to achieve top level performance?   
Change Revel BE driver color to black?
My beryllium tweeters don’t have a screen over them. Should I wear my sunglasses at night ?   
Finally...subwoofer that's aesthetically pleasing!
REO Speedwagon is awesome! Saw them at Folsom field in 1981!   
Floorstanding speaker experiences/recommendations in the $12-25k range
@njkrebs  Lots of good recommendations above. Add Rockport Atria ii to the list. Amazing speaker. Good luck!  
Do You Buy Speakers Without Hearing Them?
@deep_333  I’d like to add one name to your list and I feel it’s a big one. Andy Payor at Rockport. Incredible speakers.   
Borresen Loudspeakers
@woots  Thanks for the reply. I’ll bet they do sound amazing! I heard the M1 a few years back at Axpona and those blew me away! Congratulations and enjoy!   
Borresen Loudspeakers
@woots  Those bass drivers look just like the mids and woofers on my Rockport Avior ii speakers. You say they are custom made in house by Borressen?   
list of speakers
@grislybutter  Great list! How did you decide which models to include for the brands you selected? I see you have Rockport Atria ii and Lyra but not the Avior ii. Thanks again for all your hard work!    regards  Ron   
What affects front to back depth in room/ system?
@veerossi  I consulted with Dennis at acoustic fields before I built my dedicated room. He seemed very knowledgeable but said I would need about 35k to build the room. That was out of my budget. He also said my speakers would not work in a room m... 
B&W 805 D4: which 5 channel power amp should I go with (home theater): Parasound or Rotel
McIntosh 8207 would pair excellent with your B&W speakers. Good luck !  
Another post about a streamer upgrade
The new node 130 with an external LPS upgrade is quite good for streaming only and well under your budget. The BluOS app is excellent as well. Good luck !  
Little help with REL subwoofers, please?
How about RELs S series?  
What use to burn in power cords?
Just put it in your system new and see if it sounds different in 6 months.   
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
Used Rockport  Atria ii would do nicely ! Happy new year everyone!   
Speaker for 11x12 room
@honeybadgertube  Look into a corner set up. I think you can have good luck with it. Best of luck.