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Music lover or audiophile?
Maybe the answer lies very simply in your audio lifestyle.  I would postulate, that if you have 1000, 5000 or 8000 posts in the many audio type forums, maybe you're an audiophile whether you want to admit it or not.If on the other hand, you spend ... 
A comparison between two DACs, one R-2R, the other ES 9038-based.
I also very rarely write or post although I have read daily for 25+ years on various forums and have quite an array of “things”.Emcdade hit it on the head.  My sentiments exactly, w/o being snotty and/or condescending... Really.  😉 Enjoy. 
Is There a New version of Logitech Media Server?
Here's the changelog for you. RootmanVersion 7.7.3 - 2013-08-21 New Features: Replace custom OSX installer with a standard installation package (.pkg file). Please note that the OSX build now requires OSX 10.5 as a minimum. Make the OSX PrefPane 6... 
Is There a New version of Logitech Media Server?
I have 3 SB's and yesterday they pushed an updated version to my server when I arrived home from travel.Version 7.7.3 with a build date of Mon, Aug 12, 2013I am unable to tell you if any functionality changed or not, since I haven't fooled with it... 
Remember the year and first vynil you ever bought?
You should stop now Brinmeliss before the Fun Police arrest you brother!!! You're almost to 100 posts!!! Obviously, no one is enjoying this besides you(and 1000 other loonies like me...) Too good. LOL 
Suggestions short 3' tall floorstander?
I would take a look at Tekton Designs speakers. A whole lot of bang for the buck. For that price point(or a lot less), Mr. Alexander makes some fine products. No interest at all, other than a very satisfied customer. He's a nice guy to deal with t... 
Remember the year and first vynil you ever bought?
I'm just glad to now know with no uncertainty that I'm a youngster compared to you boys and girls!!! LOL 
Remember the year and first vynil you ever bought?
OK. No laughing here. I'm dating myself, but here goes. First vinyl was a 45(counts as vinyl, right) in July or August 1965. Rolling Stones: I Can't Get No Satisfaction; B-side - The Under-Assistant West Coast Promotion Man. Bought that bad boy at... 
Pangea 9se, Cullen Crossover or VH Audio Flavor 4
Under.....LOL. The problem is, everywhere I go, they only sell upright outlets!!!! 
Pangea 9se, Cullen Crossover or VH Audio Flavor 4
No comments on cables. Ghosthouse; you have me smiling brother!!!Novel idea here. If the cable is short(either too thick, radius issue or 180 problem), you can rotate the wall outlet 180 degrees with no ill effects so it will work, vice having to ... 
How to select a subwoofer
Salevick,I have two SVS subs. In my main audio room I use an PCULTRA-13 with my Maggie 3.6R's to troll the bottom for me. It will reach down to 20hz with relative ease. I'm into rock, but listen to all forms of music. Classical pipe organ music sh... 
What is a minimum room size for 1.7 Maggies?
I run 3.6's too in a 13 X 18 X 8 room with McCormack DNA-500 and SVS Ultra sub and it's fine. I have major room tune stuff on front/back walls. My system will energize the room, that's for sure. I agree with Arh, you should be fine.Rootman 
Are there any DACs that can go low?
I recently got a TEAC UD-501 to add to my collection. I also have orig Benchmark DAC(no USB), EE DAC Plus& Decco. I am able to switch between them with my VTL 5.5 Pre. Only have 125 hours of breakin and no Pangea PC(I use Synergistic) like Eli... 
Lottery Winner would buy what kind of Stereo Gear
Whatever was in my new Gulfstream VI as I traveled around the world...LOL. 
Bryan Adams nice
My wife and I got to attend the Bare Bones performance on 1/21 at the Knight Theatre in Charlotte recently. I have seen him a number of previous times, but never solo acoustic. It was an outstanding performance and just a plain fun night. You coul...