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Best Sounding Ribbon Speakers
By far the finest sounding ribbon loudspeaker is the Clarisys Auditorium.  They have taken & improved what Apogee did in the 90's with the Grand by incorporating double sided ribbon drivers with much more powerful magnets that has increased th... 
Apogee Acoustics repair
Of course... no surprise here. Cone speakers can no way compete with ribbons both in soundstage or transparency.  
Experiences Selling Stuff On Audiogon?
Ebay and audiogon are terrible... they both have really high selling fees and customer service at audiogon is particularly poor. They were purchased by a group out of South Carolina a few years ago and have gone downhill ever since then. A lot of ... 
How long do good speakers last?
I have owned my Apogee Studio Grands full range ribbon system which were made in 1996 and they sound better that the day they were born.  They have never been touched repair wise for any reason.  
Preferred AES/EBU 110 ohm digital 1.5 meter cables you recommend
Tara Labs EvolutionSosnaBlack CatNordostJust to name a few..... 
Preferred AES/EBU 110 ohm digital 1.5 meter cables you recommend
The SR Boomslang is a really good sounding cable but there are many high end cables that surpass it's sound quality. 
DAC break-in...
But.... it must be placed in a closet while playing, not on your equipment rack for maximum break-in period, lol.   
DAC finalist please help
Musician Pegasus r2r DAC is more than comparable in sound and build quality to Denifrips Pontus II. Listened and compared them both and saved over $1K by going with the Pegasus. Internals are nearly identical. What an incredible find! The Pegasus ... 
Powerline Ethernet - Does it affect A/C noise?
I'm getting AC line noise with my Netfear Powerline 2000 model as well coming thru my high system.   You It emanates through my loudspeakers as a light uneven static. 
Should I upgrade my Levinson 38S preamp to 380S?
All those naysayers stating that Mark Levinson will go the way of the dinosaurs was simply ignorant & goofy and will never happen.  2020 and the brand is still going strong.  Don't believe there quarters of what you read on these forums! 
Mark Levinson preamp no. 38 vs 38s vs 380 vs 380s
I've owned both the 38S and 380S Preamps.... I could discern very little to no difference in sound quality.  Future owners would thrilled to own either.  The are excellent controllers with wonderful transparency.  The stated improvements from fan ... 
Mark Levinson 38s Question Real or Fake?
Levinson did not place stickers of the #38S on the rear. The genuine 38S Preamp had that moniker on the front but simply state #38 on the rear near the serial number as well as the display on startup.  You have a true #38S.  The new remotes dedica... 
How long does a DAC take to burn in?
Nitewulf has very good point and is probably on the right track in my experience.  The mind is very powerful and automatically starts filling in gaps and frequency observations while listening to familiar music.   
Why so many JL Audio Fathom subs for sale I wonder
Simple... Its because the new V2's of the Fathom & Gotham have been released. 
My XA7ES is warm a after a few hours of operation but certainly not hot.  That seems unusual for sure.