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Are HDMI cables hot swapable?
I accidently blew the video board on an Integra home theatre processor. It was 2 months shy of end of warranty so they covered it (I had to pay s&h both ways) but was very grateful as it would have cost over $500 otherwise. Integra was/is insi... 
Review: DCM TimeWindow 1 Speaker
As a salesman then manager for the #1 DCM dealer in the late 70's and early 80's, I can answer a few questions about the original Time Windows, the QEDs (essentially 1/2 a Time Window) , the Macrophones, and other models at that tine.Bob Carver st... 
To all that worked in audio salons.
Sheffield direct to discs, Fresh Aire, Pink Floyd, any MFSL, and any Nautilus release were used on a daily basis in the 1970's and early 1980's where I worked. 
Sexiest Speakers
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.You see beauty...I see a dorky unbalanced design.To each his own 
Modern Shahinian Obelisk
I had my Obelisks completely updated a couple of years ago…it cost about $2000. I liked them before, but loved them afterwards. I also have a set of Compass' that I listen to near field with outstanding results. I listen to rock, jazz and classica... 
Hegel h300 or Krell S550i or Music Fidelity M6500i
First and foremost what speakers, room dimension, and music listened to. I've heard the really is great. I've not heard the Musical Fidelity but I've heard both of the smaller units. It is a best buy for power and good sound. I have not... 
Looking for Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington LP
Go to Gemm record site. I think they are listing 3 of them. 
Building custom crossover for Apogee Diva
Go to apogee acoustics site from Australia. He is the expert on Apogees. He has 2 approved repair spots in US. A good friend just had the center in Virginia do a complete upgrade on his. 
New $35K pivoting tonearm
$35000 for a tone arm?? One thing for sure...JV will review it and give it a rave review if he can use it as a long term reference. 
Zen Crescendo or 5a...will they work in my room?
I've heard both. Vandys definitely have better bass but even though I like them, I would give the nod to the AZs. Music flows from the Crescendos. They are also more efficient so they can be used with more lower powered tubes. 
Class D and Power Cables
This is probably an obvious answer. Why not call W4S and ask Clint or EJ? If you like the amp I'm sure they will give you a straight answer. 
Integrateds: $3K, $4.5K or $5K
I've seen Pulsars demo'd with Hegel integrates a couple of times. Of the 3 you have listed I would chose Musical Fidelity over McIntosh over Bryston. Exception would be if you have desire to upgrade from there. If so McIntosh is first choice as ea... 
Redbook CD Is Not Dead
I agree that cd should not be considered dead anymore than vinyl or tape should be considered dead. The recording is only as good as the recording process used and the artist/music recorded. Crappy recordings are available in any format just like ... 
Is it in house or is it from Underwood Wally? 
Zu Omen Def's, Tekton Pendragon SEAS, or Omega's?
Here is a wild card you probably have not heard of...the Art Deco single driver from Bogdan Audio Creations in Ohio. 3 of us that went to Axpona Chicago were amazed at their performance for $2000. The 3 of us normally listen to Shahinian's, Quad e...