Responses from route9

best vocal harmonies in rock
at the peak of their powers,csn&y was unequaled.they sounded just as good in person as on recordings.a close second were the beach boys.their recordings were top shelf,but in person ,not quite as impressive. 
Favorite Pianists
manny perahia and marc hamelin.i have many cd's of each of them,and not one a dud. 
Beware MSS Hifi, avoid Fraud
they're out of business..gone ..kaput.from what i hear,they got evicted from store in nyc.wouldn't be surprised if he morphed into another business along the way.everyone keep your eyes and ears open for a reincarnation of this metastatic cancer. 
Plinius vs. McCormack
mccormack amps are one of the best deals on the used market.the d225 can be had for about 1500.00.no solid state amp at that price can match it. for about 3000.00 steve mccormack will upgrade it to world class,topping amps that cost 10x as much. j... 
beethoven piano concerto
murray perahia on sony from the 80's.they're very inexpensive 10 to 12 bucks.the playing is great and the sonics are very good,considering that they're early DDD. 
U.S. Symphony Orchestras
it seems rather odd that the BSO,which is probably the most financially endowed orchestra in the world,isn't in the top 10.i realize that these ratings are subjective,but you have to wonder why their standing isn't little higher.does anyone have a... 
Top 5 Rock n Roll Vocalists
not for nothing,if you don't have freddy mercury in your top ten,you're in dire need of an auditory/grey matter exam. 
Sexiest Pop Song Ever?
"girl from ipanema" stan getz and astrud gilberto 
Seeking recommendation for Mahler 2
you can't go wrong with simon rattle's 1984 version with the cbso.excellent recording also. 
Music and politics
most artists are progressive to begin with,whether they are writers,poets,singers etc.etc.those performers that have their roots from the 60's or 70's ,they are even more so.politics has always been intertwined with song since forever. like the po... 
Looking for great violin CDs in solo.
hilary hahn for bach violin..you can't go wrong picking up any hahn violin cd. 
Name three of yours the most favourite drummers
buddy rich,without a doubt ,is the best of all times.he transcended 50 years of unparelled excellence . sure ,he wasn't a rock drummer,but his jazz genre was more difficult than r&b or rock and roll. look at some old tapes of him on the old jo... 
Am I going crazy or?
bluebook or not..very rare items ..audio/coins/baseball cards,that are in mint/nr.mint condition always command prices that are 3to 4x the going bluebook quote.couple this fact that many people live many miles away from high end stores and access ... 
haunting/dark classical
litzt piano sonata #2 and some of bach's organ music,#565 comes to mind. 
What Irish music will you be playing on St Pat's?
listened to the wolftones version of kevin barry.a very dreary,sad song,but true.this is a hope for the unification of the emerald isle.