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Sloped baffle
Hi all,Sorry to have delayed this post-- unexpected duties arose.I hope the majority will be served by some words below, along with a close study of the diagram I've posted at http://s1374.photobucket.com/user/greenmountainaudio/media/TimeCoherenc... 
Sloped baffle
Gentlemen,I am glad to know my previous writings were appreciated, and it's become easier to explain since then.I can clarify some basic technical concepts above, without reference to our products, if you like.Please let me know.Thank you,Roy Johnson 
Afraid to buy new speakers
The closeness to the wall behind certainly boosts any speaker's bass loudness, as I am sure you know. And many speakers are designed with midrange and highs much louder than their bass output, because they 'are designed' for that wall to boost the... 
Speaker imaging
Yes. Good point!Best,Roy 
Speaker imaging
Eyeglasses lenses reflect and diffract higher frequency sounds into your ears, a form of noise that overrides much information, including some soundstage-width information. Listen to a recording with horns and one with tambourines with and without... 
Thiel death do we part . . .
Mapman is right about the Blue Point being coarse and not as musical as it could be. Try a new Ortofon Red or Blue at least. Other modern carts are good, such as those from Denon, Dynavector, and Goldring, but these Ortofons and the latest cartrid... 
Tweeter type and brightness
It is not difficult to overlook the few paragraphs donated to what this man's company produces and how there, they all like the results of engineering and design that far exceed the 20kHz bandwidth.He presents the findings of many other scientists... 
Tweeter type and brightness
Link I just gave must not have been typed in quite right.Here it is again:The World Beyond 20kHz 
Tweeter type and brightness
This is a very informative article from Enjoy the Music:The World Beyond 20kHz.Best regards,Roy Johnson 
Micro Seiki MB-18
Good advice, David, thanks.I did not realize the anti-skating was that far off on that arm.Best,Roy 
Micro Seiki MB-18
Hi Guitarman,Look up the Manual for the model MB-14 on the Vinyl Engine website. In it, I see that one slides the weight onto the arm until neutral balance is achieved.Mark that Zero point by turning just the numbered ring to Zero.Then grab the re... 
Hegel HD20 DAC-Has anyone heard it?
A client who is an experienced recording engineer, now involved in mastering in LA, just published his experience with the Hegel HD20 atHiFiQC BlogBest,Roy 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Hi everyone,Thanks for keeping this thread alive.I will be selling two NOS phono carts I don't need. Any interest?- a Pickering UV-15/2400Q -- has a very tiny Quadrahedral diamond and small, fairly short cantilever. All packing and unopened hardwa... 
An audiophile dilemma
Well-stated, Doug.Best,Roy 
Strain gauge vs Zyx 4D/Atmos
Knowing the sounds of several LPs is a very useful tool, and we all believe what you hear is what we would also hear in your home. We know you are a good listener and very careful in your setup and testing methodologies. This takes a lot of work a...