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Denafrips Pontus II 12th VS Gustard R 26
Thanks for the responses. Im not looking for a Unit with a Streamer. Im looking for a Unit that provides the most Information and Sounds the best. Of course its in the eye (Ear) of the listener   Thanks Again!  
Do speaker cables really make a difference ?
Thanks for all the responses. I am thinking about trying Anti Cables speaker wire. It's very thin wire and unless they made the reviews up themselves, they are highly thought of by different users. Any thoughts on Anti Cables ?   Thanks!  
Which sounds better: I2S or Coax.
lalitk   I will be using PS Audio Perfectwave Transport and DAC.  Thanks!  
Need Recommendations for a pair of Speakers around $1,000
It depends on what you listen to in picking speakers out. At your price range I would recommend Thiel or Magnepan.     
Need help choosing a new DAC
I 2nd the Musician Pegasus. Contact Rob at AudioArt Cables. I think it comes with a 1 week trial period so you can check it out.   rob@audioartcable.com  
Advice needed re: new CD player purchase
I have not had a chance to listen to it but they say the PS Audio piece is really nice! 
Budget High Current Power Cords
I would say Silnote Audio. They have taken there prices up. 
Who are the Stand Up Guy's and Gals in this Audio Industry?
Rob at Audio Art Cable was a big help in helping me out. Always took time to talk to me and never gave you the brush off. I STRONGLY recommend him! 
I thought the highs were rolled off! Sold it! 
Need a DAC Recommendation.
The Music Room has 3 Topping D 90 DACs. No Topping D 90 SE. Does anyone no the difference in the two models and is the plain D 90 a good DAC?Thanks everyone for your Input! 
Wadia 321 DAC VS. PS Audio Perfectwave II DAC. Any thoughts ?
Wadia is not gone. Check with McIntosh. 
Need a DAC Recommendation.
Thanks for all the Input. Any thoughts on PS Audio NuWave or Stellar Gain Cell DAC?Thanks Again! 
Thiel Owners
I run my Thiel CS 6 with Wadia A 340 Amps ( 500 into 4) and use the Wadai 321 Dac. I also run an ARC LS 2 MKII Pre Amp with a Cambridge CXC Transport MK II  . I run Silnote Cables with MIT Speaker Cables. I have found that the more power you have ... 
Thoughts on PS Audio Perfectwave DAC ?
cal371Thanks for your input. I have a Wadia 321 DAC and I enjoy it but I am thinking about going all PS Audio.Thanks Again! 
Audio Research Dac 2 Vs the Audio Research Dac 7
I have gotten most of my equipment that way and its worked out great ! Most folks are honest. If I didnt like it I would just resale it!