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Primaluna signal tube replacement
I own a PL DiaLogue Premium Integrated that's about 7 years old. It's in daily use  2 to 4 hours per day.  Several months ago the a couple of the 12au7 tubes became noisy, and I decided to replace all six (6) of them.  I went with General Electric... 
Tube amplifiers - software recalibration?
Regarding protection of tube circuits and tubes, PrimaLuna integrated amps come with "bad tube indicator" circuits:  when a power tube starts to fail, the BTI puts the amp in safe mode and a red LED lets you know which tube is the culprit. I think... 
Mobile Fidelity Claim Form & Documents
I received my notice in yesterday's mail.  It came from the Settlement Administrator (presumably approved by the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington).  I'm not sure how they identified me as a potential Class Member - - I ma... 
Keeping Track of Vinyl Playback Time
The website for the timer Fremer reviewed is: I bought one but haven't used it yet - - - still doing the click counter thing for my several year old Ortofon Jubilee.  Once I change cartridges, I'll deploy the Stylus. Timer.  
What internet stations do you listen to enrich your musical mind?
I listen to Jeff' Bressler's *Make Believe Ballroom* on UK 1940's Radio Station - good musical selections and very entertaining and informative commentary.  The program is also available on several community/college radio stations.  
Classical music newbie needs your suggestions
Any Mozart among those opera records?  If so, have a listen before you decide to sell. There are some real jewels to be found in Mozart's opera oeuvre.  
Anyone Still Using Zerodust
I am aware of the "controversy" but continue to use my Onzow, as I have for over a dozen years.  It has worked quite well for me.  
Surviving Hurricane Ian with music
Hey, John - Thanks for the post, and I'm glad to hear that you and your family fared comparatively well.  I've been through a good number of storms/hurricanes over the past few decades, and for me the worst aspect has been loss of power (which mea... 
are we also coffee connoisseurs? Or wine enthusiasts?
As for wine - - I prefer reds and generally buy whatever's good and cheap at Costco.  This evening I'll have a bit of Monte Oton 2018 - a very nice Spanish garnacha.  Hard to go wrong at $6.89/bottle.  
are we also coffee connoisseurs? Or wine enthusiasts?
I buy whole roasted beans from Peets and grind them in a Baratza Vario.  Then brew in a KitchenAide pour over brewer.  Very fine results.  
Why is Audiogon checking my browser?
gdnrbob - - Just curious what browser you're using.  I use Safari, and there are a couple of sites I regularly visit where the dreaded capcha demon plagues me - - until I change the browser to  Firefox. Then, no more capcha crap.  Just a thought.  
Record Seam Splits
Thanks for the sleevecity tip, slaw.  Didn't know about that one.  
Best Sound Track Ever Vote for One
Victory at Sea - Richard Rodgers and Robert Russell Bennett - NBC Symphony Orch.  
New mat for Rega P6?
I've got Herbie's mats on my two P-9s. Very pleased with them - - and the absence of static.  
Favorite D2D LPs
Forgot to mention that *Big Band Spectacular!* is on the Chasing the Dragon label - comes with 2 records - one cut D2D and the other (same session) mixedown to 1/2" tape @ 30 its - - plus a (very short) "behind the scenes" dvd.  Kind of pricey, bu...