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How often, and how, do you clean your stylus?
I clean my stylus with the DS Audio ST-50 at the end of each listening session.  At the end of each third session, I also clean the stylus with MOFI stylus cleaner and brush.  I dry brush each side of the record before I listen.  Always sounds gre... 
Audio Research Pre-Amp advice
I have owned several ARC pre amps over the years and each one has been great. I currently have an LS27 with XLR and remote.  I have no desire to upgrade at this time.  Very musical pre amp.  
vibration control - cd player
Try the VBH-1 (Vibration Black Hole)  Amazing!   VBH-1 (Vibration Black Hole) - Best Audio Products - Vera-Fi Audio LLC | Oustanding Denton Audio Products E-commerce (  
Tube Integrated Amp Recommendation
+1ghdprentice I would buy one in a heartbeat if I were looking for an Intergrated in that range. I have heard one at my local dealer and it truly is major bliss.  
Help With New Preamp Decision
+1audphile1 +1woots +1soix ARC all the way for me.  Ref5SE or Ref6 will do the job.  Beauty to the ears!    
I once had an LS15 that I started with some EH tubes.  I switched to Gold Lion and in my system they made the music less involving.  I switched back the EH and was happy with them as long as I owned that LS15.  I upgraded to an LS27 and never look... 
Best Options For A Tubed Preamp - $2500 Or Less, Preferably Used To Maximize Value
What Holiday Gifts did you ask for or Give to Yourself?
I got records.........more records!    
Manley Chinook SE MK2
I'm using an ARC Ref 3 Phono with my Hana Umami Blue.  A match made in heaven IMHO.    
"Diminishing Returns"
I am extremely happy with my system too.  No plans for an upgrade at this time.  I can spin records for 3 hours each evening and never get tired of it.  Most nights I don't want to turn it off, so I talk myself into on more side to play before i a... 
Sonas Faber OLYMPICA versions
I own and love my Olympica II in my small room, but for your size room, I would definitely go with the Olympica III.  They should work perfect for you.    
ARC amp differences.
Is it possible to get the SF speakers and the ARC 80S to your own room for a demo for a few days?  This way you can be sure.  Most dealers will work with you like this. I have a great dealer and I can bring items home to try anytime I like.  I hav... 
After a long, long sleep: ML-335
I would have a service center look at it first.  My second option would be the Variac.  Too nice of any amp and how you got it is well worth the price.   
What was your first record?
1967, I was 12 years old.  I saw the Beatles play Hello Goodbye on the Ed Sullivan Show.  I went the next day and purchased the 45.  When I got home, I played it and then flipped it over.  I Am The Walrus was on the B side.  That is exactly when I... 
Idalia and Power Issues
Good luck Eric!  I live in the Daytona Beach area and I am so fortunate that this area is just getting some rain (much needed!) and light wind.  I feel for those in the path!  Let us know how things go for you.