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Some thoughts on ASR and the reviews
Toro3, I have always had very positive interactions with the knowledgeable people at ASR and never experienced condescension. Sometimes they do get impatient with those whose attitude is “Don’t confuse me with the facts, I know I’m right.” If you ... 
Some thoughts on ASR and the reviews
I’m a great admirer of Amir and the work that he does at ASR. Even if one is a subjectivist and judges everything based on their hearing alone, it’s still interesting to hear how the scientific measurements compare. It strikes me as odd that subje... 
Thin Line Between Critique and Courtrooms: A Dialogue on the Recent Audiophile Drama
I heard from some enthusiasts that Tekton speakers were good and followed the reviews on them. I found a small pair of prototype Tektons in a vintage audio store and liked them. I emailed the owner and asked what they were and he ignored  query. T... 
My experience with The Music Room
I have dealt with TMR numerous times and have always been very pleased with the result. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy through them again. Their condition ratings are excellent.   
Burn your power cables in PROPERLY with Haglabs Frycorder
I have no idea why some of you spend so much money on such devices. I just put my power cords in a deluxe microwave oven for five minutes. You wouldn’t believe how much better they sound!    Seriously, this is one of the most ridiculous threads o... 
Cable Break In for the Naysayers
Imagination is a powerful thing.   
Rogue Audio hard to resell, has it fallen out of favor ?
The Sphinx got a bad review on a prominent site. Also, I had a number of Rogue components but moved on to pure Class D (Nord) which sounds fantastic. Who needs tube components, hybrids,  massive preamps and amps anymore? But Rogue is a great compa... 
Who out there wants to, or has, validated an amazing cable find?
Amazon Basic—you can’t beat it.  
Experiences With Costly Balanced XLR Interconnects Above $3,000
Blind testing is a great idea because when one pays a fortune for a cable one expects some marvelous change in sound that doesn't exist. That's psychology, and these cable tweaks are a fetish. When I read some reviewer of a component saying he hea... 
Experiences With Costly Balanced XLR Interconnects Above $3,000
I think you would be well served by reading Audio Science Review. These cables are pure snake oil and there is no objective  scientific evidence that these exotic luxury cables sound different from a $50 cable.   
Blue Jeans Cable Iconoclast
I think this was a smart business decision. Many people believe that cables make a significant sound improvement. Others simply have money to spend and want something expensive and esoteric. Now they can buy all this from BJC. There is no point in... 
Major EXOGAL Comet/Ion problems
I believe that very late on Exogal made a superior remote that cost around $100  because the original one was bad. You should probably try to get one of those. I took part in a program to use the prototypes for these so they sent all participants ... 
Major EXOGAL Comet/Ion problems
Just for the record, I would not pay more than USD 1200 for a mint Comet with box and all the et ceteras. Most people bought these when they were offered by Underwood at under USD 2,000 some years ago, so ignore the high list price.  I have no id... 
Major EXOGAL Comet/Ion problems
Didn't hold it's resale value very well did it?  
Major EXOGAL Comet/Ion problems
Buy an RME and enjoy fantastic performance and simplicity of operation —you don’t even need a flashlight and magnifying glass to read the display.