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Turntable Cartridge upgrade question.
Another vote for the HANA ML.  Wonderful through the whole spectrum and great bass.  Please follow the other suggestions for upgrading your phone stage as you will reap HUGE benefits from an upgrade.  I've used Pro-ject, the same Schitt you have a... 
The $10,000 Question
Some Audiovector speakers would be great.   I live close by, I would be happy to take you to the Twin Cities for a day of audiophile shopping.  Glad to help out another hobbyist as we are relatively few and far between where we live. Message me ... 
What does one need to know about playing old 78 rpm records?
A sincere 'thank you' to all respondents! This is truly a place with an abundance of knowledge and it's greatly appreciated!  
Does a particular musician’s songwriting and artistry speak to you above all others?
Many, too many to list.  Songs with lyrics:  Dan Fogelberg, Shawn Colvin, more. No lyrics, John Williams, Manheim Steamroller's Fresh Aire series.  
Audio stand needed....Moving main components from mechanical room to listening room
Depending on where you are located, I custom build (view my system) and will deliver and assemble on-site.  Completely customizable to whatever size and configuration needed.   
Specific i2s cable for use with Sonnet Morpheus DAC & 3rd party DDC
Ditto on everything "vthokie83" said.  
Music that has a hold of me beyond understanding
For me it would be the early Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire series, especially 1 & 2.  I am elevated to another place when seriously listening 1, 2 and even 3.  
What was your first record?
"America" by America (Horse With No Name) LP  
PS Audio Stellar phono question
Yes, the Stellar's outputs are truly balanced.  On my 5th phono stage and like this one the best.   
Any Present Magnepan 3.7i owner using them in a smaller listening space...
My room dimensions are VERY similar to yours with the rear of the room (behind the listening position) open to the next level - which helps and I have 3.7i's. Maggies are fine to be placed closer to the outer walls than traditional speakers as the... 
Budget preamp with quality volume control
I use the PS Audio Gain Cell preamp, have for about 3 years.  My system is quite resolving and I can attest that even at low, and sometimes very low volumes I don't seem to lose a thing.  No bass loss, no high end loss, all is still there.  The DA... 
Budget preamp with quality volume control
Maybe a bit over your budget, but used will get you closer.  Try the P.S. Audio Stellar Gain Cell which has a built in DAC.  The gain cell does away with physical volume control.  Awarded and highly recommended.  
When are speakers considered Hi-Fi and not Mid-Fi???
"Too many blame it on the room. A really good speaker will show itself despite the room. Fine tune things after if that’s your thing." Couldn't disagree with you more.  That is a very short-sighted statement.  EVERY speaker is affected by the roo... 
The "Very Best Record Cleaning Formulation"
@wizzzard,  another sincere 'thank you' for a very interesting topic and amusing as well (considering the vast array of responses).  Perhaps a topic for another day, regarding LAST (not the STYLAST) as a record 'preservative' in that it claims to... 
best SACD player
I'm in complete agreement for a used PS Audio SACD player.  As someone mentioned before: I'd also argue for the importance of the I2S/IIS (HDMI) output on any CD player. (Of course, your DAC will have to have that input.) There is one exception t...