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B & W 802 Nautilus and Monoblocks
MC 501 
TOP Format
I also had directTV and was not very impressed with the quality. Sirius used with an antenna is great! Sirius also offers for an extra fee CD quality feeds over the computer. I dont have this service.My sirius antenna feeds clocklink at 48 and not... 
TOP Format
I can only give you my listening experiances. Been trying out satellite recently (sirius) and fed it through a DA converter. Its close too cd and less etched compared to my wadiaTry it and see wht the think. I gave it the edge as its great for jazz 
Alison Kraus : So long so wrong ; Vinyl
I looked on the jacket and couldnt find any recordig info. It did list a 'digital mixing' engineer.I thought it was a well recorded mixed album, just didnt sound 'real' to me. I guess it must be my system. compared to other female vocalists (analo... 
Top ten tube amps
I'm thinking on those ML3 also 
Have you seen the VR9SE Review?
Mike,In the review you have placed alot of emphasis on how utilizing the VR9 bass/tweater EQ improved integration into your listening room. If you had chosen a speaker that didnt have built in EQ do you think you would have been able to get satisf... 
Have you seen the VR9SE Review?
MikeNice journey. You make me wish I'd bought a pairRum 
Wadia direct into amp, Sound a bit too lean??
I hadbeen using my wadia 861 directly plugged into amplifier. I had adjusted the voltage output so on most recordings volume was set >90I recently purchased a preamplifier and there is an overwhelming improvement in sound.I'm not sure what the ... 
WILSON AUDIO/ cost vs. value
Profit margin for who. Him, his company, his secretary, the ad company ?Wilson speakers have explosive dynamics and its easy to see their appeal. 
new kharma amplifiers matrix 150
I heard them with the kharma mini exquisite at the CES show. Many thought that was best sound at show. They are very goodRum 
Airtangent vs Kuzma airline
AlbertI am about to put down the money for a Kuzma XL turntable with Kuzma airline arm. Have you had a cahnce to listen to this combination? wht did yiu think ?Rum 
Record Cleaning Machine
How good is the cleaning fluid that loricraft sells for use ?Rum 
wht does a preamp do?
I have a wadia 861. Got a MBL preamp. The differnce is very dramatic. I got the preamp for vinyl, but the CD difference is more than I ever thought possible. Highly recommend getting a preampRum 
Dartzeel amp lives up to hype
I wish i could have heard the 2005 show sound. The CES 2006 sound was way dissappointing. Shows are weird.where's the next show this combo will be heard at ? 
Are we all destined to be "womenless" audiophiles?
"That sounds good in theory, but I imagine that if you decide you want to listen to what you want to listen to at the time and volume you want to listen to it, then what makes you think everyone else wants to listen to what you want to listen to w...