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Maggies with a subwoofer system - optimization?
Another crossover option specific to the 1.6 
Turntable isolation platform Recommendations?
A couple to consider. Call Pete, he will make you a custom size by request for no additional cost from the closest stock size. htt... 
Maggies with a subwoofer system - optimization?
This sounds like what the OP is looking for. Video based on LRS but the basics apply Start at 23:28  
When someone listens to your system for the first time.
My favorite reactions are:"Where is the sound in the middle coming from?""Does sound come from the turntable too?""Wow it sounds they're in the room right in front of us "And my personal favorite is when I play them Henry Mancini's theme from the ... 
List a Condition you know of that will produce Better Sound
More $$$ to invest isolation and room treatments better than less $$$.... Or at least some. 
BEL E88CC/6922 tubes - what can I expect?
The best option I found in my system for a 6922 is the Mazda 7308 1960’s French Military tube. Labeled Phillips 7308 PQ. I use them in a Manley Chinook phonostage.Purchased from Brent Jesse @, search the web sight under the 6DJ8 sel... 
HiFi News Test Record Azimuth
+1 rdk777"I use the  Analogue Productions - The Ultimate Analogue Test LP and measure test tone with the Fozgometer."Cut and dry 
What DAC upgrade made you say “DAMN, that sounds SO MUCH better than my last DAC”?
Don’t sleep on the Sonnet Morpheus.Same Engineer from Metrum Acoustics , Cee’s Reutenburg.Better than Metrums best in a much less expensive case. Great value to performance. R2R, volume control, optional MQA module 
Considerations prior to your next purchase
@eichlerera, did you ride Harleys during your life or currently? Non touring model, (2 into 1 exhaust right side)? 
Flembo, I’m also running a Kleos on a VPI into a Chinook. I completely agree with your assessment.The difference being I run the Chinook @47k using a Bob’s Devices Sky 30 SUT.Bob personally recommended that one based on my equipment and cabling.If... 
Life After Technics SL1200 Mk5
@dsper I read through the comments before deciding to comment my self and it seems you tried what I was going to suggest and that was dropping the rear of the tonearm to reduce sibalance and improve bass response. As well as dropping the capacitan... 
Most comforting song
@dadork I've only seen two of your post and Im already seeing a pattern 
Favorite Guitar Solo
Since @dadork already said what I would have...Alex Lifeson - La Villa Strangiato...I'll suggest Randy Rhodes - Diary of a Madman. 
But will he come back to this thread and apologize to Mr. Carr for throwing a tantrum like a middle school girl....I guess we'll see 
VPI SUPER PRiMe turntable at UPScale Audio
Jay the gimbaled reference arm is going for $2800 from what I was told. Before July 1 it was $2300. It looks like all tonearms went up $500.With my discount I paid $2k.You would pay $2500 with your discount now I think.I've never had them set my c...