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Can a Cary SLI-80 power Martin Logan Spires?
By the way, if anyone is interested: THIS COMBINATION IS UTTERLY FABULOUS. 
Help in upgrading monitors.
thanks all. Ended up changing completely and getting Martin Logan Spires! 
BAT 300 SE integrated volume problem
Agoners to the rescue. Yes, this was a case of me being an idiot and not reading the manual carefully. It came to me set with 100 being the max. Now I can safely blow the walls off!Many thanks to all who pitched in.Yours in sonic excellence,The Ru... 
BAT 300 SE integrated volume problem
My volume only goes up to 100; is there some setting I'm missing? 
Rega tonearm for Microseiki table?
Mingles,Thank you VERY MUCH for your fantastic help. You're the kind of friend that makes audiogon so great.russ 
Rega tonearm for Microseiki table?
The model is MB-18.Tonearm: low static mass straight214 mm longoverhang 15mmAny help???Thanks again.rr 
Rega tonearm for Microseiki table?
Thanks! The table is now packed away in the attic. I think it's an MLB-18 (B for Belt-driven, I suppose). I'll check that site and get back.russ 
Primaluna - seeking opinion from any owners
I recently received my Primaluna Dialogue 2 from Upscale Audio. I had been listening with a Cary SLi-80 Signature, and I honestly prefer the new PrimaLuna. It's incredibly dynamic, as fast as most top shelf solid state gear AND it has a brilliantl... 
Drifting tonearm/cartridge weight
Many thanks folks. Adjusting the anti-skate took care of the problem.Another case of audiogoners to the rescue.All my best,russ 
Which upgrades for my Rega Planar 3?
What about the tonearm rewiring services offered by BritAudio? One is Cardas wiring, the other a more elaborate Incognito package, that includes Cardas wires. Anybody familiar?Thanks so far,russ 
Which Albums do you use for reference Listening ?
David Holland Quartet, Conference of the Birds (title cut) gives you serious response from acoustic bass to flutes and bells.Art Ensemble of Chicago, Nice Guys: across the board brilliant, and beautiful reference disc.For electronic stuff, Peter G... 
Thiels or Von Schweikerts
Final solution: I bought Soliloquys!! And am completely thrilled.rr 
To cryo or not to cryo
Pluto and I have a long-standing plutonic relationship. I'm "all about" Pluto, as my children would say.It's uranus I'm not committed to. 
To cryo or not to cryo
Amen, Rja. I'm no closer than when I started the thread. But I do love the passion of the postings.rr 
To cryo or not to cryo
The most expensive TVs don't necessarily give the store the best profit margin. Also different chains have different deals with different TV makers. I used to be involved in the business, and it's a real crap shoot simply to "believe your eyes" in...