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Is Usher still around
Rbstehno how much you selling you Mini Dancer 2 for. 
New Audiogon equipment search format.
Very bad, how stupid of them, it worked just fine before ..go to ┬áthe other version , this is very frustrating. 
Tube Preamp to Match with Aragon 4004 mk2
VTL 5.5 pre 
Your Favorate JBL's from the 70's
JBK L26 
My most memorable ROCK moment
Led Zep, jethro Tull Vanilla Fudge in in 1969 in a small venue in Chicago All in one night....a mind blower 
Biasing tubes/tube gear
DEpends on amp. If it is self bias no problem, if not you need to bias the power tubes eveytime you change. 
cleaning contacts with caig pro gold
Get the Craig D5 spray 
Rogue MS-120 Magnum Monoblocks - tube matching
I see no reason to try it. It will not hurt the amps in any way since you are using same type tubes ie 12au7.....give it a shot and write back on what you hear 
Recommendation - Ref 3a, GMA, NHT or Fritz?
Try the new Merlin TSM..........I use one in same rom size great speakers. 
The Apogee buy far I have owned 2 sets of them, should of kept one. 
new refrence 3a mm de capo
Tube grooves thanks for your info, it was ment for you. I own a pair of Merlin Tsmxe speakers and I love them, just wondering how they compare to the Decapo.ThanksRyriken 
new refrence 3a mm de capo
How do they compare to Merlin TSMXE speakers. 
KT 66 or NOS EL34
Arh did you try the RCA/Sylnania 6ca7 Fat boy tubes, i use them in my VTL ST 85. 
Specimen Products Hornling Speakers
Thanks for your reply, please post when you get these speakers set up.RegardsKen 
Specimen Products Hornling Speakers
How do you like the sound of these speakers? I live outside Chicago,are you in the Chicago area. I am interested in these . Thanks for any info.