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Synergistic Research HFT's
Oregonpapa,I was amazed by the demo at Axpona2016. Bought the Atmosphere, Black Box, HFT, HFT-X and HFT2.0 The first test I did in my room is the Black Box. Bass is tighter with it. Then I added the HFT-X on the speakers and center of front wall b... 
Synergistic Research Upgrades
I use HFT-X on top and front of speakers and one in the middle of the front wall between speakers. HFT2.0 on both side of the speakers and 1 on the bottom wall under the HFT-X and 2 on the back wall 8' up on each sides. Regular HFT 5' and 8' up on... 
Synergistic Research Upgrades
Hi Folkfreak,You're absolutely right. Combined traditional room treatment with modern tech opens up the sound. Made my room sound larger. I also forgot to mention I have 4 bass traps 1 on each corner. Here is the link to my sound check:https://m.y... 
Synergistic Research Upgrades
I was told the same thing. UEF dots and panels doesn't work with HFT. I still bought the HFT, HFT 2.0, HFT-X, Atmosphere mid tower and Black Box since I already have GIK acoustic panels and sound diffusor in my room. 
Scott,I am simply addressing my opinion to the OP to which I do not understand why you find it so offensive. People like you think you're such a saint that no one should ever disagree with you. WTF is that? Dictatorship or Communism? Sidebar - I d... 
I have the Tannoy Kensington GR that is the best bang for the buck IMHO. Never liked any speakers that is cost double the MSRP. They do have a unique signature sound that is unlike other speakers. Sorry, but I disagree that they sound like any oth... 
Would frequency response of cartridge determine purchase?
I believe I have mentioned this in here before that Clearaudio is on the brighter side. Some people embraced it but some despise it. This all comes down to personal preference and taste.  
Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire passes away
Earth, Wind and Fire songs are a big part of my life. Truly one of the best artist. RIP Maurice White. 
A push-pull tube design and Single-ended class A designs
There is no such thing as the best in this hobby. It all comes down to personal preference. Based on my experience. SET and single driver speakers excels in jazz and classical music but sucks in other genre. I don't listen to classical so my choic... 
In Memory of Glenn Frey...Favorite Eagles song?
The Best of My Love 
When is Apple going to have an Iphoto that runs on El Capitan?
Tbg, Everything  you said. I feel the same. 
Subwoofer pairing with new Magnepan .7's
Your best bang for the buck SVS sealed 
Clearaudio Concerto V2
I hope you'll be able to solve your cartridge issues. Good luck. 
Clearaudio Concerto V2
Let me guess.....overly bright with vocal sibilance? I had the same cartridge. I did everything I possibly can to no avail. I'm using Dynavector XX-2 MK2 for my MC cartridge now. Very very satisfied. The lower cost is only a bonus. 
why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
People buy expensive cables because they can afford it. What they do with their money is none of mine or your business.