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Check in: How quickly are streamers and servers evolving?
I don't think there's turning back to CD.  If anyone knows anything about the future about digital streaming for music, it's PS Audio.  There are always old school people who like the imperfections for many reasons such as analog sound, nostalgic ... 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
B&W 801 Nautilus 
Would I benefit from a dedicated streamer?
Another option to look at is a used PS Audio DSD DAC with Bridge2.  I find it almost impossible to beat. 
Point of higher priced streamer?
I made a typo in the following:9.  Tidal Master => PS Audio DSD DAC (via bridge)  
Point of higher priced streamer?
I'd like to share my experience with different streamers and it's just my personal experience.  I think everything starts with the source of the signal.  If the signal quality of the music that you're streaming is more than the streamer or DAC can... 
What's my ideal music server? Read and recommend please
I have 10TB of music sitting inside a Synology NAS but personally, the best/ideal music server is TIDAL 
Is the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge or Lumin D2 good buys in 2021?
cleed, you're right to a certain extend.  If receiver can be build to handle the high current and maximum peak power from separate amps then it's actually better.  The advantage of advance technology occurs everywhere but in this particular exampl... 
Is the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge or Lumin D2 good buys in 2021?
I would not separate the dac from the streamer because of several reasons.  First, internet music nowadays are streamed in much higher bit rate with a lot of information and it's up to the receiving end i.e the dac to be able to process that.  Hav... 
Mark Levinson No.5101
I'm curious to hear the feedbacks from others as well.  I currently use a PS Perfect Wave DAC II with Bridge and I'm looking to improve with the following optiion:1. Lumin X1 - very expensive2. Berkeley DAC Ref + Lumin U1 streamer3. PS Audio DSD D... 
Can anyone recommend a good streamer/DAC?
I too own a PS PWD2 and I think for the used price, it's the best bargain out there.  As for the usage of streaming company, it's about trading off the availability and maintenance.  I have a 10TB NAS full of music but it would cost me close to $1... 
What player to stream Amazon HD with?
Have you looked into the AppleTV 4K?  It does have the Amazon music app and you can send it to Oppo via HDMI input. 
California Audio Labs CL-2500 SSP Repairs... Schematics?
Tahoe36c, I would love to get your friend's contact so he can do the same thing to my SSP and MCA.   
PS Audio Direcstream Snowmass Versions
This is very reason that I don't know if it's worth paying for new hardware in the future.  I am an electrical engineer and seeing how software can make dramatic audible differences on the same software, are we really paying for a new equipment or... 
Karaoke mixer preamp
I would look at the Bose Tone Match with the Bose L1 system. 
Krell HTS 7.1 set up
I have a remote for the HTS7.1.  It's a spare.  PM if you're interested.  Thanks.