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The Dude by TRL
I compared Dude to UK built Talk Eelctronics 3.1 Ref Preamp. Needless to say I like Dude better but Talk Electronics Pre is no slouch - it is just not very well known in in the US.Paul said that that dude comes very close more than 95% close to th... 
Anyone still using a TRL modded Sony?
I started with TRL modded Sony 2000 which relaced my Arcam CD 192. Then I moved to TRL NV900 (which I currently own). I am now moving to battery modded TRL NV900. Actually I have slowly updated most of my system to TRL components. I am more than p... 
The Dude by TRL
I happen to have TRL SST-225 and Dude Pre. They are as transparent and musical pieces of gear as it gets with all audiophile adjectives. I am exploring a remote option with Paul in the mean time. 
Ayone compared Marantz SA8001 and SA11S1 on CD's?
I have not heard either but I have it on my radar screen to get Marantz SA8001 modified by Paul at Tube Research Labs. Apparently the modified 8001 is much better than stock SA11.CheersSunil 
Shunyata PC's - Taipan/Python Helix
You may want to consider TRL modded Sony 900 Player for your digital source. I own it - it replaced a more expensive player. There are others who have similar expereince. You may want to serach for TRL in audiogon. or call Paul - contact at tubere... 
Review: TRL CDP Modified Sony DVP-NS900V CD Player
Excellent review.I earlier owned TRL moddded Sony SACD2000ES - which replaced a more expensive Arcam CD192 Player - earlier I had Bel Canto DAC2. TRL Sony 2000ES was better in all areas than my previous digital play back. I had a fellow audiogon m... 
How Can I Use MY IPOD For a Music Source?
I have NAIM power supply for ipod - it helps.If you use Apple Dock - the volume control on iPod works - so you won't need a pre-amp. 
Tube Audio Design TAD-803 Single Driver Speaker
Great reviews guys - I ordered mine today.Cheers 
Review: Mapletree Audio Design Ear+ Purist HD (HP Amp) Tube amp
It seems like this is little known tube headphone gem in this mad audio equipment swap world.Thanks 
Review: Tube Audio Design TAD-60 Tube amp
How do you compare the performance (detail, tone, dynamics, noise level, etc.) of TAD combo with the similarly priced Sound Quest SQ-88 that you listed.Cheers 
Arcam A65 worht the upgrade
I have just sold (and regret doing so) my Arcam 65+ - there is hardly anything - well nothing in this price range that comes close to the warmth and musicality of Arcam a65+. There are powerful 40 watts.Enjoy 
Musical Fidelity A300 mod by Tube Research Labs
I am considering going your route MF a300 TRL modded unit. I currently have TAD-150 Tube Pre and TAD-60 Power - sound is amazing, rich, detailed, extended on top and bottom, musical. I have a baby and family who would like to use the unit provided... 
What SS Amp for TAD-150 Tube Preamp?
I ended up getting matching TAD-60 tube power amp with TAD-150 for the value if offers, I could get anything half decent in this price range in separates. Thanks all. 
How to tame remote volume control on TAD-150
Paul has did a tweek on the volume pot so now I can actually live with.I also looked into inline attenuators from EVS - that's an excellent procut. I may buy it but I am hesitant as it will be another part in the signal path.Thank you all. 
How to tame remote volume control on TAD-150
Thanks all for your replies.1. My whole family on one side - me, my baby and my sound system on the other side. Its tough. My one year old enjoys jazz, classical, blues, blue-grass, religious at good listening volumes. For Everyone else - its most...