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Help me make sense of what I'm hearing
You can swap stuff around but it is hard to hit a target unless you can locate it.Get out and listen to other peoples systems until you find an example of what you are looking for. If you aren't willing to do that you are doomed to ride the merry-... 
Please Advise me on Building a System on a Budget
MacMini $570 (MacMall)Vandersteen 2C's 700 (lots to choose from)Power amp 700Lots of power amps to choose from, no preamp needed8 mg of after market memory for Mac $50 
FREE - The Audio Optimization Guide For Apple OS X
This is a big time saver! Thank you. 
moding and the inexperienced
If you do not own a piece of equipment why buy one you have to modify? Usually modified equipment (unless by very well known experts) is worth less, not more than stock items on he used market and one can rarely recover the price of the mods. I su... 
Tact 2.0S or Tact 2.2XP
The Tact web site is a bit of a mess. The 2.0 and the 2.0S are shown on various pages but are not listed as products for sale. If you select the purchase button for either, the page cannot be found. Boz designs products that do fabulous things, bu... 
Tact 2.0S or Tact 2.2XP
The 2.0S has been discontinued because newer, faster processors have become available, however for the price difference you will still get all the basic room correction, plus a bunch of nice features that it will take a while to appreciate. No amo... 
Recommendations for Sota Star
I have used a Souther SLA-3 for many years with my Star. The Souther fits the Turntable design well, and after the set up (a pain) is very stable and reliable. It does require cleaning occasionally, but that is quick and easy.The current cart is a... 
What defines a good tonearm
Back when men were men and vacuum tubes ruled, the turntable/arm/cartridge setup separated the audiophiles from the mere consumer/wannabes. The hair shirts among us dared liner trackers and air bearings. Pickering even ventured a magnetically levi... 
advice on projectors and screens
Get advice from AVS ForumBuy the screen from Monoprice 
Power cord for CJ MF2500A
I used a 2500A for years. I found this Naim recommended, Wiremold L10320 brand power strip extension, which has very high quality parts but no fuses or overload protection, to be the perfect solution. I bought mine from Allied Electronics, but the... 
Which speakers?
When I was young I asked a gentleman in his (gasp) fifties, why he preferred electrostatics to dynamic speakers, since his hearing was no longer excellent.He replied that his sight too was not so good, but that glare still bothered him.Now I am in... 
quad 2805 vs magnepan 1.7
Pictures At An Exhibition CD
Wilson WCD-9025also available as an analog recording 
Best speakers For ARC VT100MKII
I heard this amplifier at a friend's home driving Soundlab M1's effortlessly.We were all amazed. Later I heard the same speaker with various other amps but none seem to match as well though they had more power. 
? Tube Replacement Question ?
"...the quiet ones were where they needed to be (phono input, Post RIAA amp, and line input).The not so quiet ones went where they didn't cause any problems (cathode followers and intermediate gain stages. By doing this we could use 95% of the tub...