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Open Floor Plan Listening Room
Thanks everyone!  Perhaps I should get someone to come in and measure what’s happening with the low frequency sound waves.  Sounds like closing off the room is not the way to go here from what I’m reading.  Aux, let me look into the room treatment... 
Open Floor Plan Listening Room
Thanks for the advice guys.I’m using a Krell FPB400cx amplifier.  Previously I was using a KSA-200s.What I’ve noticed is that sitting at the kitchen island (creating a half wall of sorts behind me) I pick up a lot of low bass frequencies.  The nor... 
Open Floor Plan Listening Room
Yup right on.  It’s a struggle :)I was hoping to not go the way of subwoofers as I’ve heard these speakers sound great in other rooms and wanted to stay with ribbons.  I probably am asking for too much haha.thanks! 
Modwright Oppo 105 - Upgrade Power Supply Tubes?
Agree completely with mattmiller.  The Philips 5R4GYS has nothing on the low end on the Oppo.  I spent a year diagnosing what was wrong with my system.  I had never even tried the stock tube supplied by Dan.  I was ready to sell everything off in ...