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Has the cost of HiFi gotten a bit too much?
Well  do what I intend to do.   Move to Lisbon Portugal.   I’ll save 6 grand a year on health insurance and that includes private insurance over there.  No need for a automobile, and house rentals just outside the city are half the price here.  A ... 
Not manufactured any more.
The Pioneer S-1ex.   Love them .  Looking for a pair of Pioneer S2-ex’s  
Why the hate for mcintosh amps?
When they get their warranty in line with their prices, maybe.  My last 3 Mac amps failed during warranty but real close to that date.NEVER again 
Frustrated McIntosh Owner
Cancel your order.   I had a pair of 452’s and sold them and bought 601’s.   Lots of issues with them luckily under warranty.    Sounded no different than using just one of the 452’s.Save your money for a future trip to Europe. 
Pass Labs or Devialet
Thanks for the input.I decided to buy both an added a pair of Tads CR-1's. Will pay with both for different size rooms.  The Pass will be great to help warm up that room as it has no heat vent.  its freezing here in San Francisco ,like 54 degrees. 
Is the buyer responsible to cover the cost of a return?
What shipping service what was used?Fedex or UPS are the worst for any speaker shipment using original boxes or not.  If retail dealers use those companies they are shipped using pallets to avoid problems. 
Looking for a good full range floor stander
Check out a few ads for the Pioneer S-1ex’s .  My friend has just sold his S-1ex’s and bought TAD CR -1’s fo r20g’s,  and said close to 90% of the S-1ex’s 
Pass Labs cooling noise
OK.   NOT worrying.thx for input. 
New Amps Arrived...
Let me know how these guys work out for you.I have a INT-60 and want a set of monos for the main room, using the preamp outs to the big stuff , Pioneer S-1ex’s.  Thx 
CD Got Absolutely Crushed By Vinyl
A Paradound CD1 will take care of all your issues. Good luck finding one. 
Thiel Owners
I sold my CS3.7’s with the matching SS2 with appropriate crossover to a gentleman who loves them, but he has way high end power, like 80g’s stuff. I then bought a pair of Pioneer S-1ex’s and added a Pass Labs INT-60 , with a Parasound JC5 to switc... 
Thiel Owners
Just sold my pair of CS 3.7’s to a gentleman in Southern Cal who has a a pair of 90 grand tube amps and similar pre. He’s loving it .Shipping from San Fran with special care was 1500.00. So glad he’s -happy.  $8800.00 plus shipping. 
McIntosh (MC601) amplifier overheating problem
Same issue I had. Under warranty thank God.  Got them back and dumped them  as fast I could . Same issue with a MC8207.  
Curious what people think is the best "value" high end speaker (~5K to 15K)
Gene3x.there is a guy in San Francisco selling a pair of Wilson Benesch A.C.T C60’s for 13 thousand . Their pictures are gorgeous.  Recently listed on Craigslist.  
Thiel Owners
Audiojan. There is a demo/used Audio Reseach 75 SE for sale at music lovers San Francisco check there web site. I’ll check it out for if you want. It is a good retailer here in San Francisco.i just sold my CS3.7 with the SS2.2vwith calibrated cros...