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High end speakers without bi-wiring?
I don't know about their current designs, but Dynaudio fitted speakers with their OCOS-terminals, so bi-wiring of -amping where of the menu. 
Tannoy VS Dynaudio
Just had my first pair of Tannoys, the 613: a closed, 6-sided cabinet with a dual concentric unit, a a woofer and a similar sized passive woofer. I do like the sound, but just like other Tannoys I've heard, I don't find them to be neutral. They ha... 
Seasoned ears only
My current speakers are around 20 years old. I've heard many current models, some of them in my own home on my own equipment, and don't feel the need to change.I feel a good design is still a good design. If well executed, I don't see a reason why... 
Goldmund Studio
Sorry Nsgarch, don't agree on the spring/sorbothane issue. I've did some extensive testing (I must have the measurements somewhere...) and springs are the better solution, just like Pierre LurnĂ© designed them. Now I have to admit I did all measure... 
Best Amp to drive my Apogee Stages?
I love the sound of my (old but revised) Threshold S/300 on my Apogees. 
As system improves, do bad recordings sound worse?
As system improves, do bad recordings sound worse?In my experience, yes. 
Best TT plinth material, cost no object
Thorens has made the Thorens Concrete, made of... you guessed it! 
Goldmund Relief clamp repair?
If you want to keep it original, try to get the Relief fixed. But in my experience something like the Clearaudio Twister will do the job just as well. 
Bi-Amp Crossover Advice
Are you talking bi-amping, in which both amps get the entire signal, and then feed the crossover, or do you want to go active? By going active I mean: the signal from the preamp is fed to an active crossover, which feeds the poweramps (each amp ge... 
Is difference between B&W 802D & 800D worth price?
To get the best out of the 800D's, you need some meaty amps (wich I think you have) and a BIG room. In a small(er) room, the 802D will actually sound better. 
Amplifier Power Ratings & Speaker Sensitivity
This is all done for one speaker (unless I missed that point. In that case: sorry!). Since most of use two speakers in the room, what does that mean? I seem to recall that you can add 3 dB (A) to the equation.As for quality/quantitiy: 1 Watt is 1 ... 
What's your favorite Turntable tweak?
More records. 
what should next upgrade to my analog system be?
If you like the current sound, have the shelter re-tipped and spend the money left (if any) on more vinyl. 
Do I need a record mat?
No need for a mat, but if you want to experiment, don't forget to change the VTA of your cartridge to accomodate for the difference in height. It would surprise me though if you'd prefer the sound with a record mat. 
phono stage options for Lyra Cartridges
I use Lyra Dorian/Goldmund TT and arm combination with a Sphinx phono-pre, which is fully adjustable to suit most cartridges. A good pairing to my ears, but the Sphinx (called Phono Equalizer) might be hard to find.