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Nakamichi Dragons worth the fix?
Hands down, Let Steve Sank fix your Dragon cassette deck. He's the best at fixing it. His website is and his email address is 
Who is Most Beautiful female singer ever
Olivia Newton John, yes thats a good one. I forgot to mention her. Also, Sheena Easton 
Best Turntable at $1,500? Please Advise.
Outlier, Get this turntable. I saw this on Ebay. The Sota Star Turntable with SME 3 Tonearm and Ortofon ME 10 cartridge. List price was 3000 dollars for everything. He wants 800 dollars for it. Here's the link to the add and pic of the turntable 
Comments on Adcom GFA-5802 amp ??
Miked, I have the Adcom 5802 Amp with a Carver C4000 Preamp and Canton Ergo 81 speakers. Let me tell you, the Adcom 5802 blows away the old Adcom Amps like the 555 Amp. The 5802 Amp sounds very sweet with a touch of warmness. But here's the catch.... 
1 million dollar speaker made by Kharma
I only went into K-Mart to buy some boxer briefs on sale for $1.99, but when i saw these speakers, I had to have them! I put it all on my Discover card; I will be getting almost $10,000 cash-back bonus, which should cover the first month's finance... 
1 million dollar speaker made by Kharma
Hi, my name is Monica Lewinsky, I heard these speakers at the White House, while smoking a Cuban cigar. At first, I thought they Sucked. The Speaker lacked the balls that other speakers have. Plus, The speakers sounded very stiff. But after listen... 
1 million dollar speaker made by Kharma
I was browsing around the electronics department at the local Shop one day, when surprisingly I noticed that they were carrying a single pair of the Grand Enigmas for a very limited time. I carefully weighed my options. It was either the York book... 
1 million dollar speaker made by Kharma
Hi, my name is MC Hammer, I also bought a pair of these speakers from that Haitian guy, who was selling them on the street in NYC. They look really shiny, and stuff. They're great for getting down with the funk. I have my ladies over, turn on some... 
1 million dollar speaker made by Kharma
I Just bought these speakers on the street in NYC, when some guy from Haiti, came buy and explained to me, he had picked up too many of these and didn't want to return them to the warehouse. He told me these speakers normally retail for 1 million ... 
1 million dollar speaker made by Kharma
HI, i have to tell people, I am the only owner of this speaker besides the designer. A Couple months ago, I won the lotto for 10 million dollars. I was very shocked of having such a big amount of $$$ so suddenly. I didn't know what to spend with i... 
Best Hybrid Amps. Tube Solid state amp
I'v heard the Audio by Van Alstine Fet-Valve 350hc amp is very good. People on Audio Review have raved about it. 
Best Amp for Paradigm 100 Speakers
The Adcom 5802 would be a great match on the Paradigm Studio 100's 
Amplifier match for Sonus Faber Extremas
Newintown_75287, I heard the Extremas at the Stereophile show in 1996 on Meridian 557 Amps bridged and the Meridian 502 Preamp. This system sounded unbelievable. It sounded so sweet and articulate. The bass was fast and tight. That 7 inch Skanning... 
Best small 2-way floorstander?
Hifinut604, i gave you the wrong site. The Website for RBH, is 
Best small 2-way floorstander?
Hifinut604, Let me tell you an amazing sub. Its a company called RBH. They make a sub that uses 2 10 inch alluminum woofers and a built in 200 watt Amp. My friend is using this Sub on the Reference 3A speakers. RBH Also makes a Sub with 1 10 inch ...