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Aesthetix Rhea signature phono stage
The other change in the signature is the size of output caps - went from 2.0 uF to 4.0uF. I concur with Lewm on the effect of caps on sound - it's substantial. The sig uses DynamiCap which isn't too hard to improve on. 
VPI, Graham, Koetsu advice please
Another issue is the mismatch between the Graham & Koetsu. The Koetsu is extremely low compliance and needs a high mass arm which the Graham is not. I think the combo is like putting tractor tires on a Lambo - yes it will drive but it will nev... 
The Feickert software is hassle free and you can see the relationship between crosstalk and phase and have the choice to align to either. 
Aesthetix vs. Allnic vs. ARC ph7
The 0.22uF caps are coupling caps and the 2.0uF are output caps. In the signature series, the output caps went from 2.0uF to 4.0uF so they are a load to fit in. I have 4 per side to deal with in the IO and not much room.I've been curious on how th... 
Aesthetix vs. Allnic vs. ARC ph7
Sorry for the delay in getting back to this thread.Lew, the IO has a lot more space around the coupling caps than does the smaller Rhea or Janus. That's part of the reason I haven't changed the output caps in the IO as I don't have the real estate... 
Aesthetix vs. Allnic vs. ARC ph7
Hey Rick, let me know what you think when you get your tubes. I've had the RCA's and the GE's in the IO and tried the Sylvaia's in my ARC gear. Scott 
Aesthetix vs. Allnic vs. ARC ph7
Rwd -What brand(s) of tubes are you getting from Andy? 
Aesthetix vs. Allnic vs. ARC ph7
Both. From what Andy Bowman at Vintage Tube Services told me there's not much difference between the two sonically. FYI, both the EI's that I lamented over and the first stage Tele's came from VTS. 
Aesthetix vs. Allnic vs. ARC ph7
The comparisons mentioned above were made between the Herron and Rhea, not the IO. The Rhea was a standard, not the signature version. The point I was trying to make is the tube compliment plays an important role in what your get out of the Rhea, ... 
Aesthetix vs. Allnic vs. ARC ph7
I own the Herron and have owned the Rhea at the same time. I saw what I thought was a good deal and bought the Rhea out of curiosity. It took while to figure what tubes to put in it to get it to be transparent which it wasn’t with stock tubes. I f... 
ZYX Premium Cartridges
Lew, I use a Graham Phantom and I've heard the Airy 3, Atmos/4D and Universe in both Grahams and Basis Vector arms. I have no doubt that the uni sings in the Talea - a friend has an Anna in that arm that I am enamored with. Judyasblues - your snar... 
ZYX Premium Cartridges
Agree with David12 on his assessment that the ZYX's are not the most dynamic cartridges on the market after living with an Airy 3 for years. Even the 4d/Atmos doesn't have the swagger of the Benz's, Lyra's or Ortofon Anna dynamically. I think of t... 
Sheffield Lab
The only exception to the musical value comments was the boxed set Moscow Sessions. I keep around for the Barber First Essay. 
good preamp for dynaco mk3 monoblocks with maggies
As always, there are tradeoffs between the two. I think the 10 is the better sounding of the two with the following two caveats. First, the 10 is far picker about tubes than the 11 and uses a lot more of them. That’s the reason why I sold mine. I ... 
NOS tubes For my Rhea
RWD, forgot to say in may last post that I love your speakers. I've only head them once but I've never forgot it. When I get a bigger room, a set of those are in my future.