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Easy Come Easy Go…….BOOM!
Nick where do you live? Your profile pic looks like the desert southwest but someone above mentioned Pensacola. I cannot believe how the bases of your B&Ws just burned off! Thankful you and your family and pets are all fine.  
Add Chord Cutest (DAC) to Bluesound Node or purchase HiFi Rose RS150BDAC
After owning and trying several streamers—I found I prefer Lumin. You can find used ones on sale for great prices right now. I picked up a T2 (new model T3 is out) on TMR online store and absolutely love it. I’m a lifetime Roon user so have never ... 
What’s the best DAC < 6k (system specific)
Look at a used Aqua Acoustics R2R DAC. I have the La Voce mk2 which was about $3200 a few years ago and it remains in my LR system. It is one of the best sounding DACs I have ever heard. R2R DACS=analogue sound  
Help with speaker selection
I’m going to throw my 2 cents in here bc I almost bought Aerial 10Ts many years ago. I ended up with Genesis 500s which my brother still has and loves. So I’m guessing we may have similar tastes in sound. I too use Ayre DAC-streamer and amp, with ... 
Musical subwoofer under $2000
REL Classic 98 Nothing compares to REL for musicality and this new model is a close match to my old REL Storm III now 20+ yrs old but still sounding great. The Classic 98 is very close in sound esp with my little Harbeths.   
Need a new integrated, what say you?
And meant to add the AX7e should be well under $1500. I’ve owned them twice and may buy another one, if it comes up, for my musician/chef/electrician nephew.    
Need a new integrated, what say you?
If you can find the old Ayre Ax7e integrated I think you will be amazed at the sound. Only 4 inputs in case you’re old school with a tuner, tape deck, etc and need 6! I have never tired of Ayre in decades of ownership of CD players, amps, preamps,... 
Holy Grail Analogue Recording Big Band found!
My brother who has my old Genesis 500 speakers (he replaced all the drivers and the servo amps with Gary’s current models for the current iteration of that speaker) loves big band recordings and plays big band trombone himself. I’ll look for any o... 
Prima Luna Vs Accupahse
The Arcam amp is excellent so to improve on it, with Focal speakers, I’d go with the Accuphase. I don’t know why Primaluna is being dissed though. Their amps are very well made and my old DiaLogue One is still running perfectly. I just think you w... 
You’re An Independent Dealer, Which Companies And What Products Would You Represent?
These are brands that I listened to and purchased over the last 4 decades from smaller brick-and-mortar audio shops in my area—I wish they were all still around: Ansuz, Analysis Plus, Ayre, Audio Physic, Audio Research, ATC, BAT, Cardas, Magnepan... 
Music that has a hold of me beyond understanding
To bring things way down back to earth a bit—for me the Be Good Tanya’s and the Wailin Jennies do this. Every plucked banjo string, every accordion squeeze, every blended voice just take hold of my heart and rivet my thoughts.   
Building a 100 album vinyl collection 3 must have albums are?
Robert Plant and Allison Kraus - Raising Sand Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue Sonny Rollins - Way Out West    
LOUDEST Concert and Tinnitus
I’ve had tinnitus for at least 40 yrs—first noticed it hiking in the desert Southwest in 1986 and I was in a dead silent box canyon hearing the most astounding loud ringing in my ears! Mine was caused by blasting music in my parents’ and then my o... 
LP Cleaning Services
Like others, I’d be happy to clean a few records for you in my Degritter. But shipping them back and forth between Chicago and DC metro area would be expensive these days.   
After fifty years… amazing. What high end audio can be.
Re affordable gear for the yout’ we elders run into—I was with one of my nieces over Christmas and she bought 3 albums at a sale at the library and asked me about some $400 TT-speaker all in one setup she saw at Crutchfield. I recommended she get ...