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Why are there so many wooden box speakers out there?
KEF Blade B&W (multiple) Sonus Faber Venere  Wilson (multiple) Devialet Bang and Olufsen Gallo Estelon Forza Magnepan And so on. Many play with shape but sometimes it's inside a box as well.  When the original tests on box speakers we... 
Book Shelf Speaker advice - Formerly Book Shelf Dilemma
Find a pair of KEF  100 or 300. Paired with my Rotel, or Marantz. They had enough warmth and low end for a 12 x 15 room.  Also a used pair of Nola Boxers, and you can check out the focal line.   
Need Recommendations for a pair of Speakers around $1,000
Paradigm Monitor new,  Aerial Acoustic used spendor used.  I would go floor stand.   
Please recommend speakers
A pair of KEF 100s are surprisingly good at lower levels. They are discontinued but have seen them available on sites. I like them better than my KEF 350.  They are on the warm side.  I also have Dali, Paradigm,  Jamo, Klipsch, wharfedale and othe... 
2 channel preamp for music only system
I love my Parasound P3, but I have them with a Arcam amp (FMJ series) and Paradigm Prestige speakers, so it's partially the mix.  It is a bit warmer.      Good luck   
most beautiful (looking) speakers    
Inexpensive Good Vintage Turntables?
My Yamaha Yp211 has been going strong and sounding good for 40 years.  I would consider their products   
Please recommend speakers
I have a lovely pair of KEF 100s I got for about 500. But my room was only 15 by 12.   But the sound is pretty darn good.  Won't beat a 30k speaker but it shouldn't be expected to   
Boutique or Big Brand?
Make the drive and turn it into a nice weekend trip. I liked the Eggleston I heard, KEF R-11, the new Paradigm Personna,  and several others.  But so much had to do with the electronics that were paired with them. I heard a pair of Spendor that ha... 
Can recommend some non-fatigue SMALL bookshelf for near-field listening?
My friend is still mixing on his Dynaudio and won't consider anything else   
Have you ever been turned off by an Arrogant Dealer? Thoughts
The place I go to has greeted me like a friend. I walk in they give me a hard time with a smile and will put on music in one of their rooms just for me to listen to. I once was asking about buying a subwoofer and told him what for. He said go righ... 
Amp and Pre-Amp suggestions needed
We used to use McIntosh 75 watt tube amps to push double 15 low range cabinets. And 10 cell horns. These were events wit thousands of people outdoors.  Watts are not the only tool in the toolbox to figure out what might work.  Its not just horsepo... 
Living in Japan. Any opinions on amplifiers?
Go to Yodobashi if you are into the mid level to semi high end. They have KEF, FOCAL LEVEL, McIntosh, Yamaha, Stax, high end cable, etc. They carry a  lot. Sure there are some they don't and probably won't spend over 20K on speakers, but they have... 
Floor standing or Large bookshelf recommendations - 2.0 channel setup
Also Aerial Acoustics 5T are another option to consider.   
Floor standing or Large bookshelf recommendations - 2.0 channel setup
Have you considered Paradigm?  Pick up the small floorstanding Prestige and upgrade the pre. I really like my parasound.  My friend enjoys his mix of Klipsch with McIntosh.