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Limiting a full range driver
Funny..I`ve been running my Revel F52`s full range with subs from the start. I`ve just recently put the Revels closer to the front wall and put the switch in back to the 'Contour' setting and I`m liking what I hear. The three 'bass' drivers are ... 
Use of Y connector rather than passive preamp
The Tortuga Audio LDR has an adjustable impedance feature. The remote is pretty nice too.  My listening is about 99% vinyl  The Tortuga will allow you to hear what`s going on without adding anything to the mix. 😎   
Value of a preamp?
I have my phono stage plugged into my Tortuga Audio LDR attenuator then out from there to my amp. Very clean and transparent and it`s pretty easy to hear changes made to the system, like swapping cables/interconnects or rolling tubes. Plays as l... 
Amp — Leave on or turn off
My AT3002 amp has a standby mode feature. I think it keeps the amps circuitry charged up some. I usually turn it on about an hour before using.  
Value of a preamp?
 So then, an active preamp is actually 'adding something'  to the signal, (whatever that something is) but a passive attenuator is not. So when all the impedance values are matched up correctly with a passive attenuator, then a more true to the s... 
Does a turntable mat make any difference?
I`ve thought about trying a different matt on my P10, but I`ll just stick with the stock felt one.  Rega uses the same one on the new Naiad, so there must be a reason.    
Eliminated my preamp with amazing results
Tortuga Audio has an adjustable impedance feature:    
Eliminated my preamp with amazing results
darTZeel has an LDR preamp for $80K  
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
I live in S Fl and have spring training right in town and I don`t see $40K speakers selling for $11K and the likes. To me, it`s pretty much a desert for quality used audio gear down here  
Eliminated my preamp with amazing results
I really REALLY like my Tortuga Audio LDR attenuator for much the same reasons. It`s crystal clear, has nice sound staging etc etc... Runs off the grid with a battery which brought a blacker background to the mix. Overlooked way too often !      
Speaker Spikes - Working Principle
A couple months ago I took the spikes off my Revel F52`s and put Loctite Fun-Tak strips under each corner. The speakers are now firmly coupled to the ceramic tile floor. I`m hearing better bass definition and a more musical midrange.   
Best subwoofer under 2K?    
Musical subwoofer under $2000
    This package will do the job nicely. HSU ULS-15`s    
Passive preamps - differences between technologies
My Tortuga Audio LDR preamp has never disappointed me. It has a very clean transparent sound, nice detail, clarity is a strong point. It images very well too. It has a pitch black back ground too that I attribute to its battery power supply. Ve... 
Ultrasonic cleaning
I use a little over 1 gal distilled water with 4 ounces 91% alcohol, 3 ml Triton X-100 and 1/2 ml photoflo in my Vevor US cleaner. I clean 3 Lp`s at a time starting at 30c and I will go as high as 42c. Very slow rotation speed. 1 rotation per 1...