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More recordings like "The Trinity Sessions"?
Thanks! Will check them all out.Steve 
How good is the ae3 djh?
MinglesThanks! Just what I was looking for.Will check out upscale.Steve 
Replacing Duet with Touch?
Update. Switch went without a hitch. Had to enter ip and password.Wife and I sat and listened to some of her favorite songs for a bit and when I asked her what she thought (This without any technical exchange between the two of us) her comments we... 
Replacing Duet with Touch?
Jond,I have been thinking about this switch for a long time. Through all my reading I have found there to be agreement that the analogue out of the touch is much better than the duet.I personally use a dac so using the digital out from the duet. T... 
Replacing Duet with Touch?
Thanks. May not have to call my son to set it up.Steve 
Ford Commercial Music be it 
Gallo REf 3.1 Stands?
Appreciate the feedback. Think I will forget about the dampening material.Russ,Thanks for the pics offer. Will take you up on it.Steve 
Tube Dac to Tube pre?
Streaming flac files and will probably continue with flac. Current tubes in the dac are Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8. They are an upgrade from the originals.While we are at this, do you have any recommendation on pre's? I do require a remote and would l... 
Tube Dac to Tube pre?
Frank,Thanks for taking your time to go through this."What are you connecting the DAC to currently? Is it connected to an integrated amp (is there a volume control on your amplier) then to the speakers? What's the reason you are adding a preamp?"C... 
Tube Dac to Tube pre?
Thanks.Dac and pre have rca so that should cover. Schubert, you mention "more variables than are wise" and I would appreciate your explanation. Tubes are new to me. Are you saying that having two components with tubes may not match up well? Thanks... 
Searching for better 2 channel performance?
Have to apologize for not stating system. Do have a bryston 3bst amp for L/R channels. Was my intro into what I was missing using receiver. Night and day difference. Prior to the purchase of the marantz processor I was using an older Denon receive... 
Searching for better 2 channel performance?
Thanks Mapman. Based on your speaker placement description I have a problem. My room is a rectangle but positioning puts system on the long wall with the listening area about 3ft from the back wall which is almost all glass. Guess imaging will hav... 
Duet to Touch for next upgrade?
Thanks. Your response seems to be the consensus based on the responses from other sites.Since I will probably continue to use the dac60 if I get a new pre will there be any real benefit? I use the marantz in direct mode for stereo so I guess the m... 
Noob Help on Home Theater Set Up
Can;t help much with answers to your question but there are many here that will with the right info.You need to give an approximate budget and what you are trying to improve on.Really no place to start till a budget is established.Steve 
Marantz SR6006 HDMI out to TV problem.
UpdateHome last night and began the disassembly of my system to try to find my problem. Went through wiring, connections, and settings. No joy.Sat down with the manuals for the receiver and tv and began to read. Found that hdmi 1 on my tv is for D...