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Help look for second amp
Never had a budget for my system I like huge sound stage  
Looking to try newer amps help needed
How do I move it 
Von Schweikert speakers
Hello I have the mk3 endevor they are mesmerizing ! Sound stage is very good . It takes time to set up,but it’s worth the squeeze!  We made diagram of our room and  measured speaker and seating from walls . We hear sounds off too the way left and ... 
Remarkably better sound possible with just 1 system component change?
Try a turntable  
MC275 Gordon gow
Thanks for your response! I just talked to mcintosh tech he schooled me on my amps! I just didn’t want to blow anything up, I’m good for that  . 
Just ordered a vpi avenger
I’m going to dealer and open box an assistance the technician with set up with my cartridge. This will be best for both  
Just ordered a vpi avenger
Hello why is so many vpi haters  
Just ordered a vpi avenger
Hello thanks for all the responses . I’m going to be at the dealer shop from opening of box and through the set up .this will ensure proper set up and educate me on the table so I can make changes to improve my listening pleasure . 
How old are you?
18 now ok 61 
Just ordered a vpi avenger
Hello I order the gimbal fat boy arm  
Just ordered a vpi avenger
Hello that’s my plan to be there when we set it up so I can make adjustments when needed. Thanks for all the response  
Just ordered a vpi avenger
Thanks for the fast response I’m not closed to pay them it would be very nice to pay them if the installation was spot on. 
I was told to put Kitty Litter in my new speaker stands. Was he joking?
I have melted lead and poured it my legs of my stands worked great didn’t even burn off powder coat ! 
Vpi advenger
Thank you for your grammar correction. I’m have had dyslexia my whole life. I would like some more input about the turntable. Thanks again  
Vpi advenger
Hello that one on audigon has been pulled for some reason